Knives Out: Netflix has Closed a Deal to Release Two Sequels

Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig are returning for the sequels of the whodunnit

Knives Out: Netflix has Closed a Deal to Release Two Sequels
Knives Out – Lionsgate

Knives Out was one of the most entertaining films in 2019. It had everything from suspense to chemistry and even some fun moments. Now, two more sequels of the film are in the works, and Netflix has acquired rights to both. Both the sequels will star Daniel Craig, but the rest of the cast is not confirmed yet.


According to reports, Netflix has acquired the rights to create two Knives Out franchise, and now the Benoit Blanc story will be a proper franchise. Reports also say that Netflix paid USD 450 million for this giant acquisition. If this news is true, it would be one of the biggest amounts paid for acquiring the rights to a film in the entire streaming history.

Netflix is not wrong in paying such a huge amount for the sequels as it can earn well. The first Knives Out film had a decent budget of USD 40 million had earned USD 300 million from the full theatrical run.


It is also confirmed that Daniel Craig, who played the role of Blanc, will be returning as a detective in the future two Knives Out movie projects. As per reports, Johnson started work on the sequel early last year. He even expressed interest in a sequel as soon as the first film was released. It is likely that the second Knives Out film will start filming later this year in Greece.

There is no update on when the Knives Out sequels will actually be released. The information on who will join Craig in the films is also not shared, but the films will likely have some compelling actors. After all, the streaming giant would want to beat the last film standards that included an all-star cast.


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Keep checking this space for more news on Knives Out sequels. We would do our best to keep you posted. In other news, the GoT sequels are something that the fans are craving these days. Aren’t you excited for them too?


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