Leaks of New iPhone Design Suggest Apple is Planning Ahead

Get ready for a wraparound display iPhone design

Leaks of New iPhone Design Suggest Apple is Planning Ahead


All the Smartphones makers are engaged in foldable phone wars now as every company, be it Samsung or Motorola is launching its own foldable device. Apple is doing what it does best; it is staying ahead of the competition. Though the company is working on a foldable iPhone design, it is also thinking of the future and filing for fresh patents, one of which is the intriguing and new iPhone design.


The new iPhone design has a six-sided glass enclosure which means the iPhone has a wrap-around glass display that will allow a person to view important information on the sides. A person can also see top edges and bottom edges of a device.

There is no doubt about the fact that Apple’s new iPhone design seems interesting and is a smart way to beat the competition, it is also a fact that that the device might not be released by the brand anytime soon. The reason behind the speculation is the fact that Apple has the habit of filing a patent for every outlandish idea it’s designers and engineers come up with without thinking whether the device is realistic or not. However, if the new iPhone design is adopted, it will be a better innovation than the currently news-making over-the-ear AirPods.


AppleInsider shared an interesting use-case idea. It reads:

“This could mean replacing the hardware mute switch, sleep/wake button, or volume controls, with touch-sensing areas. Apple might use a force-sensing to allow users to squeeze an iPhone, perhaps thereby telling it to send a call to voicemail.”


Apple would need to work hard to make this new iPhone design a reality. It would be particularly challenging considering the recent not so impressive performance of the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro. The company will also need a lot of time, which might not be possible right now as it’s focused on the launch of iPhone 12 at the moment.

Also, if Apple decides to make the new iPhone design a reality, it will need to consider the problem of accidental touches that usually happen while using handsets that have curved screens. All in all, the road ahead is not very smooth for the Cupertino-based company.


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