Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Six Packs in a New Core Workout Video

He’s is back to his swole self in the short exercise clip

Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Six Packs in a New Core Workout Video
Mark Wahlberg. Credit: @markwahberg / Instagram

Fans have always been fascinated with the gym hacks that Mark Wahlberg shares. For instance, the unusual 2:30 AM wakeup routine that Mark Wahlberg adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic to make more time for family plus the training sessions with popular friends have been a topic of widespread discussion.


Back in May, Mark Wahlberg pulled off another feat. He went from being lean to bulky for the upcoming project, Father Stu, in which the Hollywood actor plays the role of a not-so-fit priest who once used to be a boxer.



Reports say that Mark Wahlberg put on approximately 13.6 kilograms for this role within 3 weeks. The actor says that he achieved all this weight by eating almost 11k calories per day in May.


He said in the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, “Unfortunately, I had to consume, for two weeks, 7,000 calories, and then for another two weeks, 11,000 calories. And it was fun for about an hour.”

He also stated that gaining weight is perhaps almost as hard as losing weight. When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about controlling the diet and working out, unlike the other way round. However, he stated that “it was not fun” when he had to eat every 3 hours.


Interestingly, fans were concerned that Mark Wahlberg would find it difficult t return to his healthy and fit physique. However, within a few months, the actor is now back to the six-pack physique, which he recently showed off in a new Instagram video.

For the video, Mark Wahlberg let go of his shirt and showed himself doing the hanging leg raises for his obliques. According to fitness experts, this move helps develop the core muscles if done right. It is all about engaging the shoulders and squeezing the core while raising your legs forward while in a hanging hollow position. Certainly not an easy thing to do for most!


Ab-crushing workout of Mark Wahlberg


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Celebrities are known to go to extreme lengths to stay fit. Another example would be the fairly recent video showing Joe Rogan in an ice bath to push his body’s limits.


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