MB&F Creates a New Watch with a Case Made from Sapphire Crystal

The MB&F Horological Machine No. 9

MB&F Creates a New Watch with a Clear Case Made from Sapphire Crystal

Look at any watch, and you will see that the watch’s internal workings are not visible. This is and has been the trend for years. But now, MB&F has decided to initiate a new trend by showing off the internal workings of a watch by using a crystal case that is entirely made of Sapphire Crystal. The watch is called Horological Machine No. 9 and displays the internal movement and makes people’s gaze stick to it.


The watch’s unique work of art could have been enough to attract buyers but the founder of MB&F, Maximilian Busser, wanted the movement to be highlighted. For that, the company created a form that comprises three sections that are meticulously fitted together.

Each piece of this extraordinary watch by MB&F is held together by a metal framework that is either in red or white gold. In addition to that framework, people can also see a three-dimensional rubber gasket which plays a key role in offering 30-metre water resistance. The sapphire crystal of the MB&F watch is exceptionally hard and resists scratches and shatter spectacularly.


The movement is based on MB&F’s LM2, but this new version has two balances, each of which is located on the side pods. Thanks to these balances, the average reading is excellent. This unique MB&F watch comes with 45 hours of power reserve and had two different colorways. Two of them are 18K red gold with a PVD coated blue engine or NAC coated black engine. The other two are 18K white gold with either a PCD coated red gold or a purple engine. The company plans to produce only five examples of each option, so the total number of pieces is 20.


The MB&F watch also has 52 jewels and will cost AUD 567,207 (About USD 440,000). It is available at select retail partners of the brand and e-shop of the brand. The perfect candidates for this watch are the super-rich, especially those who made it to the list of top 1% earners worldwide that was shared recently.


MB&F Horological Machine n°9 Sapphire Version


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