Moderna Vaccine To Be Available in Australia – All The Details Here

Rolling out as early as next month

Moderna Vaccine To Be Available in Australia - All The Details Here
Moderna vaccine

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration or TGA has approved the much-needed use of the Moderna vaccine for people aged 18 or more. About ten million doses that are for primary vaccination will land in our country before the end of 2021. The rest, 15 million, will be used as boosters. Here is everything you need to know about it.


The Moderna Vaccine

The vaccine that will soon land in Australia is known as mRNA-1273. It has 94.1 per cent efficacy against COVID-19 after you get the second jab, says US data.

Will Moderna Vaccine Protect Against Delta Variant?

In June, the company announced that it protects against many variants, including Delta. So, if you are in Australia and worried about the Delta variant, you can go for a jab.



How Many Jabs of Moderna Vaccine Do You Need?

You need two jabs of the vaccine, and the second should be 28 days after the first jab if you are in the US. The guidelines for Australia are not released yet, but they will likely be the same.

Will Moderna Vaccine Need Boosters?

Yes, as the COVID-19 virus mutates and changes its form, Moderna believes you need a booster.


Is Moderna Vaccine Easier to Store as Compared to Pfizer?

Yes, it does not need super cold temperatures (-75 degrees Celsius) as Pfizer did. Moderna vaccine can even be kept at -20 degrees Celsius, which is usually the temperature of a home freezer. However, once a vial is jabbed, all the doses in that vial should be administered in 24 hours, or they will be useless.

Who Can Get a Jab?

In the US, anyone who is above 18 can get a jab of this vaccine. The guidelines for people in Australia are not made public yet.


Why Should You Get a Jab?

Every person in Australia should consider getting a jab because this vaccine helps in preventing COVID-19 deaths. Very few people who got both the jabs in Canada have died due to COVID-19. Australians can also learn from them.

Who Created Moderna?

The vaccine was created by a small biotech company, Moderna that is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


When Will It Be Rolled Out in Australia?

Moderna vaccine will be rolled out in Australia by as early as next month.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Yes, like most COVID-19 vaccines, this one also has a few side effects that the US CDC highlights. However, all of them are mild. The side effects are usually dizziness, pain, redness, or swelling in the arm you get the jab, chills, headaches, muscle pain, nausea, and fever.


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