Most Valuable Brands in the World for 2021 Revealed

Kantar BrandZ ranks the world’s most valuable brands based its total financial value.

Most Valuable Brands in the World for 2021 Revealed
Most Valuable Brands for 2021 . Credit: Visual Capitalist

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has had a number of negative effects on businesses throughout the world. However, despite the economic turmoil in many countries, some of the most valuable brands are still afloat.

Top 10 Most Valuable Brands In 2021 (USD)

  1. Amazon – $683.85 billion (+64% annual growth)
  2. Apple – $611.99 billion (+74% annual growth)
  3. Google – $457.99 billion (+42% annual growth)
  4. Microsoft – $410.27 billion (+26% annual growth)
  5. Tencent – $240.93 billion (+60% annual growth)
  6. Facebook – $226.74 billion (+54% annual growth)
  7. Alibaba – $196.91 billion (+29% annual growth)
  8. Visa – $191.28 billion (+2% annual growth)
  9. McDonald’s – $154.92 billion (+20% annual growth)
  10. MasterCard – $112.87 billion (+4% annual growth)


Based on data given by the research firm Kantar BrandZ, the most valuable brands in 2021 had their value increase by more than 40%. Together, the top 100 brands in the world have managed to reach a combined value of $7 trillion.

It is not surprising that Amazon sits at the top of the list of the most valuable brands in 2021. The total value of Amazon based on the current data is $683 billion. Furthermore, Amazon has managed to remain on the top of the most valuable brands for the third year consecutively.


The value of Amazon went up by 64% this year as compared with the last year. This covers all the areas of business including subscription services and web-based services. After Amazon, Apple remains 2nd on the list of the most valuable brands.

The company has a total value of $612 billion. However, unlike Amazon, Apple did not remain immune to COVID-19 effects. Earlier when the pandemic first began, the stocks of Apple went down by 19% at the peak.


However, the company then managed to recover, eventually reporting a revenue of $64.7 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020. Among the most valuable brands, tech companies hold notable spots this year. That is because consumers were pushed to the internet during the pandemic both for entertainment and shopping. For instance, Facebook rose by two ranks during the pandemic which had a total value of $227 billion.

Behind Facebook, TikTok and Instagram remain the most valuable brands in terms of total brand value. Nevertheless, both Insta and TikTok also reported a record-breaking increase in growth during the 2020 year. Eventually, both brands ended up in the top 10 most valuable brands list.

Most Valuable Brands in the World for 2021 Revealed
Credit: Visual Capitalist

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