MrBeast Becomes the Highest Earning YouTuber Ever

MrBeast reportedly made US$54 million in 2021

MrBeast Becomes the Highest Earning YouTuber Ever
MrBeast is the highest earning YouTuber in history. Credit: MrBeast/YouTube

Youtuber MrBeast topped the rich list of YouTube content creators for 2021 with earnings of over US$54 million (AU$75 million) in total. The 23-year-old YouTuber’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he did several big projects for the video sharing platform in 2021, including a recreation of the Netflix blockbuster, Squid Game.

MrBeast Highest-Paid YouTuber Ever

Based on Forbes, MrBeast’s earnings on YouTube in 2021 are the highest ever that a YouTuber has made ever. In 2020,  Ryan Kaji, a YouTuber known as Ryan’s World topped the list. However, what MrBeast earned on YouTube in 2021 is double that of Ryan Kaji.


Over the last year, the follower base of MrBeast grew from 50 million to 88 million. Currently, he is the 8th most subscribed YouTuber on the platform. Furthermore, his videos have received 14 billion views on his channel since his subscribers were totally enthralled by his viral kindness acts and strange contests.

For instance, the Squid Game video which MrBeast made on YouTube received 200 million views within a month. And that is almost as close as the number of people that watched Squid Game on Netflix.


Just behind MrBeast comes Jake Paul, who is now a professional boxer. Jake Paul fought and defeated Tyron Woodley, an MMA star, two times in 2021, followed by Ben Askren. However, Jake Paul does not have the most lucrative YouTube account, which makes him an outlier on the list.

He still made US$45 million. Though, he would not care whether this money comes from pay-per-views or online views. In the third place, we have Markiplier, who has been more into traditional media since he has filmed a television program last year.


With the help of the video platform, YouTuber Markiplier sold lots of merchandise, which of course, made up a good amount of his earnings in the year 2021. In the 9th place, we have Logan Paul, the brother of Jake Paul, who fought against Floyd Mayweather, the boxing legend, in June.

The Impaulsive podcast also helped the older brother of Jake Paul in finding success since the podcast gathered over 100 million views in the last year. These earnings are pre-tax, though, and take into account the total time period between 1st of January 2021 and 31st December 2021.


The list takes into account total earnings between January 1 and December 31 2021, and are calculated pre-tax.