New and Modern Rules to Improve Your Eyewear Game

Time to see in a new perspective

Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash

You might have already found sunglasses that suits your face perfectly but with the ever-changing trend in the different styles of sunglasses, you cannot just wear the same sunglasses forever and that is why you need to get on with the trend and learn how to look perfect with all the different styles and colour ranges of sunglasses which are available.

We have rounded up some extremely useful tips and tricks which will help you to improve your eyewear game.

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

 Figure out your skin tone

Without figuring your skin tone, you cannot really determine which colour of the shade is going to suit you the most. There are two types of skin tones; cool skin tones and warm skin tones. If you have rosy or blue-tinted veins then you have a cold skin tone and if you have yellowish or green-tinted veins then you have a warm skin tone.

The trick is to pick a colour which is going to highlight your skin tone and that is why it is important to pick colours opposite of your skin tone. For warmer skin tones go for the lighter shades of colours of sunglasses and with cooler skin tones wear darker and warm colours so the features of your face are highlighted properly.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

 Move forward from black and brown shades

Let’s face it, everyone usually prefer black or brown sunglasses because these are the safest colours to wear and you can never go wrong with those but if you are willing to stand out and look effortlessly cool then throw the thought of black and brown colour options out of your mind and start choosing coloured sunglasses. 

The wide range of colours of sunglasses is not going to disappoint you at all but if you’re still hesitant about coloured pairs, try wearing softer and restrained hues.  This will help you move forward on your mission to improve your eyewear game.

 Do not treat sunglasses just as an accessory

Start taking sunglasses more seriously and keep it in your mind that your outfit or your look is not going to be complete without the right pair of sunglasses. It is important that you keep sunglasses for every occasion; which means pick a pair which is perfect for everyday casual use (like wayfarers or double-bridged pairs, another one for sports (we recommend rectangles with softer edges) and most importantly, another one for making a bold, trendy statement (semi-rimless lenses.)

 Transition lens is your new best friend

You can wear sunglasses indoors now without anybody judging you because transition lenses appear lighter when you wear them indoors due to its versatile qualities. The lenses are able to adjust its shade to the amount of UV light around you accordingly.

 Don’t let go of your sunglasses even at night

There are plenty of light-coloured lenses available now which enable you to wear sunglasses anytime during the day through the late hours at night. These sunglasses are perfect for when you are attending a festival or you are just going for clubbing with your friends.

 Round is the trend!

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

These days you will see every celebrity rocking round shaped sunglasses and to get on with the trend you must find the perfect round sunglasses for yourself! How? Pick the round pair that fit just right outside your cheekbone, get that perfect fit and be the most stylish person amongst your friends.

Just follow these things and you will improve your eyewear game in no time!