New COVID Variant Called C.1.2 is the Most Infectious to Date

The new COVID variant, C.1.2, is the “furthest mutated variant”

New COVID Variant Called C.1.2 is the Most Infectious to Date
C.1.2 – A new CVID variant detected in South Africa.

A new COVID variant called C.1.2 is now on the rise after being detected in South Africa for the first time in May. Throughout Africa, the variant has been reported in at least seven countries. Furthermore, some countries in Asia and Europe along with New Zealand are also reporting based on data presented in a new research paper.


The New COVID Variant

According to Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, a leading Epidemiologist, the research indicates that the new COVID variant, C.1.2, is the “furthest mutated variant”. The doctor just recently tweeted that his colleagues at WHO are already investigating the new COVID variant and following up on it.

Furthermore, the doctor also added that this new COVID variant has been detected in New Zealand, China, Portugal, Switzerland, England, and Mauritius already. Based on the research data, it is likely that this new COVID variant evades vaccines more efficiently and is far more infectious.



According to Richard Lessells, an expert on infectious diseases, now that the new COVID variant is here, we know that the pandemic is not over yet.

The research paper also mentions that the virus mutates due to the changes in its spike protein, making it resistant to vaccines and increasing its infectiousness. In specific, it was mentioned that C.1.2 contains several deletions and substitutions in its spike protein. This trait has also been present in other COVID variants.



Not only that, but the study also talks about a much bigger concern regarding the additional mutations and their accumulations that may have a direct impact on the neutralization sensitivity and replicative fitness. Eventually, this could again lead to a rising number of cases as the new variant is already present in several counties.

Currently, though, the research has not been peer-reviewed. Nevertheless, in South Africa where this new COVID variant emerged, C.1.2 cases have been on the rise every month. In June, the genome percentage rose from 0.2 to 1.6 followed by 2% in July. The patterns are somewhat like the Delta and Beta variants.


In other news, CDC is warning against the widespread use of animal-grade Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID infections.


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