New Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Ginza Looks Like Rippling Water

Louis Vuitton was situated in the same area in Ginza since 1981

New Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Ginza Looks Like Rippling Water
Louis Vuitton

Just recently, Louis Vuitton announced that it will be arriving in the Ginza Namiki flagship store situated in Tokyo district. The new store is designed by Peter Marina and Jun Aoki, both of whom are highly acclaimed architects. The building features a combination of the contemporary aesthetics with the local Tokyo streets.


This LV store was situated in the same area in Ginza since 1981. However, Marina and Aoki were able to give it the store an incredible transformation with the highly modern store. The building simply shows the reflections of water.

This new Louis Vuitton building gives the pedestrians nearby the impression of water flowing over a smooth surface. Thanks to the shimmering angles of the building, the new store is no less than an architectural wonder.


One of the most notable features of this building is that the wavy glass curves quite aggressively around the corner of the street. This is what gives the building a dramatic effect, creating the impression of rippling water.

Along with that, the retail space inside this Louis Vuitton store also went through a total transformation. Now, it features a glass fascade with colours that shift through the fixtures and the staircase. Along with that, the interior also features a permanent pop-in space. This space can be used by Louis Vuitton to show-off animations for the newest arrivals.


The upper floors of this new Louis Vuitton building also features a private salon that is reserved for VIP clients. Along with that, the Le Café V by Chef Yosuke Suga further adds to the allure of this new building.

Not only that, Louis Vuitton is also officially launching the first chocolates store. This store will be making a debut within this building around April’s end, 2021.


Currently, Australian residents cannot visit the new store. However, pictures of the store’s exterior and interior have gone viral over the internet already. Either way, this new Louis Vuitton store will be soon open for the public.


Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki Flagship Store


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