NSW Lockdown Restrictions Are Getting Tougher With Heavier Fines

Here’s what you need to know about Operation Stay Home

NSW Lockdown Restrictions Are Getting Tougher With Heavier Fines
Tougher NSW lockdown restrictions introduced. Credit: Kailash Gyawali

COVID-19 in NSW is on the rise, as 466 new cases were recorded on Saturday. And to deal with the worsening conditions, a new set of rules will soon be applicable during the upcoming NSW lockdown. With that, any breaches of the rules will result in high penalties.


NSW lockdown

Starting Monday mid-night, the “Operation Stay Home” aka an NSW lockdown will be launched by the NSW police. This will be followed by a crackdown over the next 21 days. An extra 500 members from the Australian Defense Force will be assisting the NSW police on-ground.



According to Mick Fuller, the NSW Police Commissioner, many residents were exploiting excuses related to regional travel and exercise. Regarding this, he stated, “I honestly think we can get NSW of lockdown quicker [with these powers].”

“These are some of the strongest powers we’ve ever had in the history of the NSW Police Force, as part of the government’s strategy to get in front of the virus in the coming weeks – it’s all about getting ahead of Delta, not chasing it.

Based on the new NSW lockdown rules, residents may not be allowed to travel beyond a 5-Km radius from their home. In specific, people must stay within the LGA (local government area) or if outside, then within the specified radius.

With that, in all the LGAs of concern, recreation would not be allowed. However, only outdoor supervision of children and exercise may be allowed after 12:01 AM on Monday.


That word is taken out in terms of those local government areas of concern, exercise means exercise,” the NSW Premier said.

“In the LGAs of concern, it will no longer be acceptable to leave your home for outdoor recreation, meaning gathering at parks or outside takeaway shops or cafes is not on. Enough is enough. If you do it, you will get fined,” Police Minister David Elliott said.


As part of the NSW lockdown, there is another rule in place according to which a permit will be required to travel from the Greater Sydney area to other regions in the NSW.

The accepted reasons for regional travel are:

  • authorised workers from LGAs of concern 
  • anyone travelling to inspect real estate
  • travelling to their second home


The fines for breaching self-isolation rules have increased from AU$1000 to AU$5000.

“I am not apologetic. Please don’t write in and complain to me, we have given ample warnings and cautions and that time has gone,” Commissioner Fuller said.


Lying on a permit and to a contact tracer during the NSW lockdown would also result in a $5000 fine. Along with that, there would be a two-person outdoor recreation/exercise rule during the NSW and breaching it would result in a $3000 fine.

Similarly, an on-spot fine of $3000 shall also be issued for breaching the rules related to entry into the regional NSW, except for the authorized reasons.


Though, the NSW lockdown also comes with some incentives. From Monday mid-night, a $320 payment will be issued to anyone who requires isolation while they wait for COVID-19 test results. An application for the payment must be submitted by eligible residents of the LGAs of concern within 7 days of the test, though. Applications for tests taken on or after August 13 are now open.

Stay safe everyone. We’ll get through this.


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