Ozark Season 4 Part 1 Finale Sets Up an Explosive Part 2

Netflix’s crime drama has reached the beginning of its end—here’s where we think the series will head next.

Ozark Season 4 Part 1 Finale Sets Up an Explosive Part 2
Ozark. Credit: Netflix

Ozark Season 4 Part 1 started with “Bring It On Home” by Sam Cooke in the background as we see Byrdes driving along the road. We also see Charlotte in good spirits but not Jonah. And then, Marty ends up totalling the vehicle.

Then, we end up straight to the third season’s aftermath, where we get to see the post-Helen Pierce life of the cartel. It would be natural for a viewer to wonder if Ozark will be returning to the car crash scene. Or at least, viewers would hope to get a reminder that the Byrde family is in a life-death situation before the credits appear. But apparently, Ozark wants viewers to wait longer.

Season 4 really featured a lot batshittery with the deaths of two characters along with a baby, which every viewer would be sad about.


The Langmore Curse

It takes only a few hours before Darlene and Wyatt get murdered by Javi after they have tied the knot. Fans who have been following this series from the very beginning would consider this a heartbreaking moment. This means that Ruth and Wyatt will never be able to repair the relationship. At the same time, Darlene will never be seeing through the marriage. Baby Zeke also loses a caretaker, yet once again.

At the same time, Ruth is shattered after finding out that the couple is dead, which results in an epic talking for the Byrdes. Ruth also gets told by Jonah that Javi could be the murderer. So, in the final 7 episodes of season 4, we see an on-going endgame battle between Javi and Ruth. From what it looks, Javi’s position in season 4 of Ozark is not good.

All About Navarros

Currently, it looks like the Navarro clan is all about backstabs and death threats. Omar gets a deal from the FBI, which is not surprising. In part two, Omar would probably come back to Mexico, the credits for which go to Marty and Wendy.

Javi is currently now sure whether he is getting played by the FBI and Byrdes. However, he is likely to figure out. It’s not a matter of how, but a matter of when now. There’s more in the Ozarks, though. Javi’s mother, veronica Falcón’s Camila still has her introduction pending. When everything ends, Camila might end up becoming the cartel’s leader.


Well, let is quickly go through some other Ozark characters just to get a quick run-down on their individual positions in the season 4.

It looks like Agent Miller is the only character in Ozark that has some morals left. And he makes a big move that fans will not be forgetting anytime soon. If anything, he should now be in hiding.

Erin Pierce loses his mother, which is quite sad to think of. Mel Sattem might not live long though, as from the Ozark writer’s perspective, Marty might want to kill someone before ending the season. With that, Jim Rattelsdorf gives off the vibe that fans appreciate about Ozark. But it would not be surprising to see him becoming a casualty in the endgame.

The big Pharma CEO, Clare Shaw seems to be in some big trouble. Shaw is certainly going to be in a tug-of-war between Byrdes and Javi in the part two of season 4.


What about that crash?

If we were to talk about that crash, what if Ozark cuts to black right after? However, this is something that is not likely. Fan theorists say that the crash is likely to happen around the 2nd or 3rd episode of the season 4 part two. And it is also likely that at least one Byrdes family member will lose their life. But it could be more. This is something that we could bet on.

Well, if either Charlotte or Jonah died in the crash, then Wendy and Marty would come out of the slumber revolving around cartel, money-laundering, and gunfighting. This will be a shock big enough for them to look beyond themselves. They will probably have to understand that they have been very bad parents.

Jonah and Charlotte’s conversation in the graveyard could be a foreshadowing that they will be the only two alive. And that is indeed going to be very sad.

Ozark Season 4 Part 1

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