Report Says SpaceX Founder Musk Paid $250k to Cover Sexual Misconduct

A flight attendant claimed he touched her inappropriately and a horse was involved.

Report Says SpaceX Founder Musk Paid $250k to Cover Sexual Misconduct
Elon Musk

Just recently, claims from a flight attendant came through, according to which she was paid $250K by SpaceX after Elon Musk inappropriately proposed sex. According to a recent Tweet, Elon Musk stated that the allegations against him are “utterly untrue.”

One of the friends of the flight attendant stated that the victim was working on a corporate flight by SpaceX as a crew member. Allegedly, Musk asked for a full body massage in his room, which is not something unusual. However, during the massage, it was further alleged that Musk removed the sheet that covered the lowered half of his body, exposing himself inappropriately.


Elon Musk

According to the account, Elon Musk mentioned that he would buy a horse for the attendant if she agreed to it. As the story goes, the flight attendant used to ride horses. One of the friends of the attendant relayed this story to Insider.

The friend of the attendant further mentioned that the flight attendant did not want to carry out any sexual acts. After the flight, she was deeply “upset”. Since she was not interested in Musk’s advances, the attendant’s shifts were cut down.

However, Musk discredited the report by Insider and stated that the attendant’s friend is “a far-left activist/actress in LA with a major political axe to grind.”


Based on the report, a complaint was filed to the HR department of SpaceX in 2018, mentioning that her career was on the line. The complaint was then taken to a mediator, after which the attendant was made to sign a $250k agreement that barred her from saying anything negative about Tesla, SpaceX, or Musk. This also included mentioning anything about the payment.

However, the Insider’s source had not consulted the flight attendant. Furthermore, the flight attendant refused to make any comments. However, the friend of the attendant had not signed any agreements.

Later, SpaceX founder Musk mentioned that the story was incomplete and that there was a lot more. According to him, this is a “hit piece” that is motivated by politics. Earlier, Musk stated, “political attacks on me will escalate dramatically in coming months.”

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