What is the New Trending #RockTheBoat TikTok Challenge

TikTok does do one thing right: handy little circuit workout challenges

What is the New Trending #RockTheBoat TikTok Challenge
The #RockTheBoat challenge is trending right now.

Indeed, TikTok has given the world several senseless yet entertaining challenges. For instance, we have seen people climbing on top of milk crates, enjoying baby swings, and eating raw protein powder. However, the #RockTheBoat challenge is among the few that inspire viewers to get their bodies to work.

The latest challenge, #RockTheBoat uses the “Grab Da Wall and Rock Da Boat” song by 504 Boyz with over 101.3 million views on the platform. In one part of the song, the lyrics say “left-right-left-right.” and this is where one has to perform a challenging circuit.


The #RockTheBoat challenge involves:

  • Four alternating shoulder taps
  • Six mountain climbers
  • Multiple plank jacks while doing a push-ups


Indeed, the challenge isn’t easy. Though, people like Carrie Underwood make it look very simple and easy.


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Without a doubt, the #RockTheBoat challenge requires great physical patience and core strength. This is especially important during the hybrid of plank jack push-ups. Furthermore, it also requires a high level of upper half body stabilization.

But of course, the #RockTheBoat challenge is not a substitute for your regular workout. For instance, one personality on TikTok stated that her trainer would allow her to skip a 1-minute plank if she completes the #RockTheBoat challenge.


So, it could perhaps be a great addition to one’s regular workout but should not be treated as an all-body workout. Though, some trainers have suggested continuing the plank jacks to 10 before taking a break. Currently, there is no set number for the maximum plank jacks that one can do.

That is because all the #RockTheBoat challenge videos just end mid-way. However, one-minute breaks and a total of five runs through the entire circuit can be a great core workout.


Challenges like these inspire many young viewers to hit the gym and to start challenging their bodies. And of course, this is not the only challenge to come out of TikTok. Others, such as the milk crate climbing challenge, make less sense, though.

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