Samsung Plans to Build $23.6 Billion Chip Factory in Texas

Samsung’s biggest single US investment comes amid global chip shortage

Samsung Plans to Build $23.6 Billion Chip Factory in Texas
Samsung is building a chip factory in the US.
Credit: Samsung

The Korean electronics giant Samsung is now aiming to with the chip shortage throughout the world by spending AUD $23.6 billion to build a chip factory in Texas. This would be the largest investment that the Korean giant has made in the United States currently.

Samsung US chip factory

The construction of the factory will begin at the start of 2022. By the second half of 2024, Samsung aims to get the factory running. With that, this factory is going to be massive, as it will cover above 5 million square meters.

To be built in Taylor, Texas, Samsung says that the proximity is great. After all, it is close to the Austin manufacturing site of the brand. Along with that, the semiconductor ecosystem in the locality, along with support from the local government, makes Taylor a suitable spot for the new chip factory.


Experts say that the investment is going to open at least 2000 jobs as the factory goes into operation. Furthermore, according to Samsung, the new chip factory will be manufacturing products for use if high-performance computers, artificial intelligence, 5G, and mobile phones.

The CEO and vice chairman of Samsung Electronics Device Solutions Division, Kinam Kim stated, “With greater manufacturing capacity, we will be able to better serve the needs of our customers and contribute to the stability of the global semiconductor supply chain.”


Today, Samsung is considered one of the biggest semiconductor makers throughout the world. It not only produces chips for companies such as Nvidia and Google but also makes them for its own products.

Though, TSMC, the chip manufacturer from Taiwan has been giving Samsung a very tough competition. Just a couple of years back, the semiconductor giant started manufacturing chips for Apple iPhones.


The new chip factory will simply increase the competitiveness of Samsung in the world of advanced semiconductors. Furthermore, some experts also expect that the new chip factory could help reduce the shortage of chips throughout the world.

It is unclear whether a single chip factory could alleviate chip shortage entirely. It is still comforting to know that the right measures are being taken.


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