Scientists Say the Aging Effects of Stress Increase As One Grows Older

As you grow older, your tolerance level to stress will reduce

Scientists Say the Aging Effects of Stress Increase As One Grows Older
Learn how to keep stress at bay as you grow old.

Do you often end up getting stressed or too overwhelmed? Well, new research suggests that DNA aging with increased mental stress. Furthermore, the American National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences also suggests that these effects snowball with increasing age.

Stress could increase as you grow older

So, as you grow older, your tolerance level to stress will reduce, and hence, your DNA will age faster than ever. Each DNA strand has protective caps on its end, referred to as the Telomere. As part of the research, scientists measure the telomere length among participants between 35 and 74 years of age.

Simply put, the length of the Telomeres determines the ease with which the cells can divide. Hence, they can directly measure the aging and life expectancy of a person.


A total of 647 participants were a part of the aging experiment. The goal of the study was to find out the aging effects of a stressful life. Not only that, but scientists also measured the levels of adrenalin, cortisol, and noradrenaline in the participants.

It is understood that due to stress, the body undergoes molecular damage. The prime cause behind that is the inflammatory reactions that occur in response to the stress hormones. This is what causes aging.


However, now it is found that the group that experienced the highest level of stress also had the shortest telomere length. Furthermore, their cortisol concentration was also very low. This is a response to long-term chronic stress, such as what might occur from debt worries.

Perhaps, the most interesting finding was that the aging effects of stress also increase as one becomes more mature. This means that above 55 years of age, stress can cause further shortening of life at an accelerated rate.


For young people, the aging effects might be repairable, according to the researchers. However, once the prime age of life is over, the effects of stress become irreversible. And that eventually leads to shortened life.

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