Service NSW: The NSW Government’s $100 Voucher Scheme Explained

 The NSW government’s voucher scheme aims to stimulate the economy

Service NSW: The NSW Government's $100 Voucher Scheme Explained
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The NSW State government has announced a package of $500 million in which every adult resident in the state will get a $100 voucher from Service NSW. This amount must be spent in cafes, restaurants and tourism-related businesses for most of them have taken a hard hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here is everything you need to know about the new scheme.


How Many Vouchers Will be Given?

Four vouchers of $25 will be given by Service NSW to ensure that people spread their spending around different businesses rather than getting one free lunch.

Who Will be Eligible for the Vouchers?

Each NSW resident who is 18 or more will get the $100 voucher from Service NSW app.


When Will the Vouchers be Available?

A pilot would be done throughout December. If it is successful, only then the scheme will be rolled out across the state in 2021.

Where Should I Spend the Vouchers?

You need to spend the $100 voucher provided by NSW Service on different businesses. You can spend $50 on cafes, clubs, restaurants and other similar food service venues and you can spend two others for entertainment and recreational purposes like performing arts, museums, amusement parks and cinemas.


Where Can’t I Spend the Vouchers?

You cannot spend the $100 voucher from Service NSW on alcohol, gambling, and tobacco.

How to Get the Voucher?

You can get $100 voucher via the Service NSW app. They will be available digitally only. It is done as a part of the COVID-Safe initiative. It is unlikely that people who do not own a smartphone or do not want to download the app will get the vouchers.


Talking about the initiative of giving $100 voucher via Service NSW app, NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said: “We want to encourage people to shop and spend with businesses multiple times, to get out and about and support their local ­community safely.” He added that the vouchers would be single-use and the aim is to “encourage people to open up their wallets and contribute to the stimulus effect. The dining and entertainment industries were among the hardest hit by the pandemic and I would encourage people to utilise this scheme once it is up and running and to make sure they spend a bit extra on the way through, too.”


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