Shadow and Bone – New Netflix Show Brings Fantasy Book Series to Life

The new Netflix show is based on the Grishaverse bestselling novels

Shadow and Bone - New Netflix Show Brings Fantasy Book Series to Life
Shadow and Bone – Netflix

The Game of Thrones was certainly a blockbuster, any show has hardly matched the vibe of the first few seasons of the show yet. While winter has already gone, Netflix has decided to deliver a similar vibe with its new show Shadow and Bone.


Of course, both Shadow and Bone and Game of Thrones might be miles apart. However, it is all about giving fans something similar that they can obsess over. The Shadow and Bone show is based on the Grishaverse bestselling novels.

Written by Leigh Bardugo, these novels are now available in 38 languages, with 2.5 million copies in English sold worldwide. These novels are written for young adults, with a rich universe and nicely built characters.


Shadow and Bone is now showing on Netflix (and it’s currently in the top 10 here in Australia).

The show revolves around Alina Starkov. She belongs to the Kingdom of Ravka that has been torn apart by war. Eventually, Alina discovers her magic abilities and goes into the shadow fold along with her best friend, Mal.

The Shadow and Bone series also feature Six of Crows book characters that appear later in the books. Furthermore, the author of the books had requested for the TV series to have a greater level of diversity. So, there are plenty of new additions in the show.


Filmed in Budapest, the first season of Shadow and Bone have 8 episodes. And each episode is approximately an hour in length. One interesting thing about this show is that it comes from the makers of Stranger Things (21 laps entertainment). So, one can expect the production qualities to be high.

At the same time, Eric Heisserer is behind the screenplay of this show, who is famous for the 2018 Netflix thriller, Bird Box.


If you would like to read the books before binging the Netflix series, or if you could not wait for another season, here’s where to start:

  • Book 1: Shadow and Bone
  • Book 2: Siege and Storm
  • Book 3: Ruin and Rising
  • Book 1: Six of Crows
  • Book 2: Crooked Kingdom
  • Book 1: King of Scars
  • Book 2: Rule of Wolves


Shadow and Bone trailer


Fans of the Shadow and Bone books believe that this series might have the potential to go as big as the Game of Thrones.

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