Space Sweepers is an Action-Packed, Found-Family Space Story

A very thrilling sci fi adventure despite the story going in different directions

Space Sweepers is an Action-Packed, Found-Family Space Story
Space Sweepers – Netflix

Fast forward to 2029, when all that is left of earth is a toxic wasteland where Space Sweepers take place. The elite class is promised space colonies, while the poor are left behind on to die. A fun action piece with a subtle hint on class commentary, the movie sheds some light on the brutal reality of a society.


Space Sweepers spoilers ahead.


All the characters in the movie portray a dilemma between good and bad. Each character is ready to go to extreme lengths to earn money. The concern that arises is whether money holds such dark power over a person. In a brutal race of survival and power, Space Sweepers portrays the perfect reality of a global crisis.

However, somewhere in the middle, the film’s entire objective changes. What initially started off as a complex battle to survive later turns into an action movie between good and evil. Mid movie, certain background revelations create a whole twist in the movie’s first impression. This is what makes the audience believes that Space Sweepers is confused about where it is going.


It is not all that bad. Despite the twist, the movie is absolutely fine. In fact, the action in the movie is rather fun and mind boggling. When the cast of Space Sweepers is not fighting with each other, it is fighting with bulky soldiers or flying through space in their cargo ship.

The only problem that arises is that the movie is a little too long. While that is not a big problem, the sudden twist does make Space Sweepers seem like it is two separate movies. Instead of taking one path or the other, the movie takes both paths, making it immensely long and slightly awkward.


Leaving this out, the potential of the movie is undeniable. It has a very thrilling sci fi adventure with a good story. Had Space Sweepers focused on only one path, it could have reached greatness. Instead, the audience gets wrapped up awkwardly in two different directions. Needless to say, it is still a very decent, fun and adventurous film with great potential for more.


Have a look at the trailer of Space Sweepers below:


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