Squid Game Hangover? Here Are Shows And Movies Just Like It

We gathered together other titles with Darwinism at their very core.

Squid Game Hangover? Here Are Shows And Movies Just Like It
Squid Game. Credit: Netflix

What should you watch after binge-watching the gory, brutal, survival-of-the-fittest Squid Game? More of that kind of course! It’s hard to follow-up something like that with a show with a different theme. So, If you want more similar shows that feature demented survival games and unhinged dystopian drama like Squid Game, you might want to watch these shows and movies. Be ready for a lot of violence, though!

Shows and movies like Squid Game


First, we have the series 3% on Netflix, which boasts a narrative just like Squid Game. This Brazilian series is set in a world with class divides, resulting in the poor going through tests to find their place among the top elites. With lots of action scenes and intense survival games, 3% might come close to Squid Game. However, its production quality, at times, might not be at par.


Battle Royale

Lord of the Flies have taught us that kids don’t do well when left alone on a deserted island. Battle Royale is one of the absolute greats in the niche theme of “survival of the fittest,” it will make your adrenaline pump from the sheer originality and violence of this surprisingly impressive film. 


Hunger Games

Who has not heard of The Hunger Games? Aside from the Young Adult origins of The Hunger Games, the movies based on the original teen novels by Suzanne Collins are worth watching. Though, they are more of a battle-royale nature than individual games.


The Purge

You may have as well heard of The Purge. This film series carries a unique plot and is set in a fictional America where it is fully legal to commit crimes in a brief 12-hour window every year. However, that results in carnage, as people use the window to settle year-long grudges and to commit crimes without the fear of being prosecuted.


Sweet Home

Then, we’ve got Sweet Home. However, this one might be different from Squid Game in the sense that it focuses more on survival and less on games. After all, the villains in this show are monsters for real and not some game masterminds.


Alice in Borderland

If you are looking for something exactly along the lines of Squid Game, then consider watching Alice in the Borderland. This show revolves around several people that attempt to survive some dangerous and deadly games. But unlike Squid Game, it follows the story of the main player who makes use of his wits for survival.


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