Suicide Squad Trailer: James Gunn’s Star-Studded DC Movie Unveiled

The Suicide Squad trailer does a hell of a great job at introducing all the characters

Suicide Squad Trailer: James Gunn's Star-Studded DC Movie Unveiled
Suicide Squad – Warner Bros.

Warner Bros just released the new Suicide Squad trailer, giving a first look at the quasi-sequel of the 2016 Suicide Squad by David Ayer. The movie will feature some of the previously introduced characters such as Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang.


Just like the 2016 Suicide Squad, this remake will also feature anti-heroes and villains teaming up under Amanda Waller. The villains will have chips implanted within their necks. Hence, going off-mission is totally out of the equation.

While the new Suicide Squad trailer is already out, the movie is set for release in August 2021. But currently, the marketing team of the movie has not started hyping the film up yet. Though, small footage and bits from the movie have been used as promos.


On first look, the Suicide Squad trailer does a hell of a great job at introducing all the characters. Though, significant focus has been put on certain members of Task Force X including Harley Quin and Bloodsport played by Idris Elba. Along with that, the Peacemaker also gets his fair share in the trailer.


Along with that, we see Joel Kinnaman returning as Rick Flag and Michael Rooker as Savant. Along with that, we also see King Shark appearing in several bits. According to the trailer, the movie is going to feature three teams.

The first team consists of Weasel, Mongal, Javelin, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, Flag, TDK, Savant, and Blackguard. The second team includes Peacemaker, Polka-Dot Man, Ratcatcher 2, King shark, and Bloodsport. Lastly, the third team involves members from the other two plus the Thinker and Harley Quinn.


Regarding this film, Gunn warned the fans not to get too attached to the characters. And that could only mean one thing – expect several characters to die in the movie. This is quite predictable, given the sheer number of characters being featured in this movie. Though, this Suicide Squad trailer does not give out such spoilers.


Watch the Suicide Squad trailer below:


In other news, a Ghost of Tsushima movie is in the making, which will loosely be based on the PlayStation exclusive video game with the same name.


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