The Supreme x Tiffany & Co. Collaboration is Now A Reality

Here’s your first look and release info.

The Supreme x Tiffany & Co. Collaboration is Now A Reality
Supreme x Tiffany & Co.

Previously, rumours about the Tiffany & Co. x Supreme collaboration were riddled with doubts. But now, both brands have officially confirmed the collaboration on Instagram. And indeed, the combination is quite an unusual one.

Both Tiffany & Co. and Supreme just dropped teasers of the collaboration on Instagram. The campaign features Sean Pablo, a renowned skateboarder. Furthermore, one of the iconic items in the collection is the heart necklace by Tiffany.



Tiffany & Co. has not given out details of what items will be released as part of the collaboration. Furthermore, no exact release date is given for the drop. Now that LVHM has acquired Tiffany & Co., it looks like the company is now headed in a different direction.

Earlier in July, Tiffany & Co. became the target of a lot of controversy after the ad campaign, which had the tagline, “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany.”


Other than that, Tiffany was also criticized for a campaign where JAY-Z and Beyoncé were placed alongside a Jean-Michel Basquiat monumental painting. Though the color choice was rather awkward, and according to Alexandre Arnault, the Executive VP of Tiffany, it was “some kind of homage.”


The brand did generate a lot of buzz following the controversies. Later, an advent calendar was featured by Tiffany which recreated a Basquiat miniature painting. Apparently, the brand is now quite focused on the younger lot. The collaboration with Daniel Arsham is just proof of that.

Now, a collaboration with Supreme will simply send the brand into an entirely new genre. And of course, the customers of both Supreme and Tiffany have already noticed this. For instance, one of the Instagram users commented on the official account of Tiffany on Instagram, “Now this is a change, and I’m loving it.” Similarly, another user wrote about the collaboration with Supreme, “Same, I love this new, fresh look.”


Indeed, this is an interesting take by Tiffany, and it changes a lot of things. More details regarding the collaboration with Supreme might come soon.


Supreme x Tiffany & Co. Collaboration


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