T.50: Gordon Murray’s New Hypercar Makes Its World Debut at Goodwood

Production of the T.50 hypercar is scheduled to begin in January.

T.50: Gordon Murray’s All-New Hypercar Makes Its World Debut at Goodwood
T.50. Credit: Gordon Murray

The first creation of Gordon Murray’s Automotive is here. It made a public debut at the 78th Goodwood Members’ Meeting that was held over the weekend. The latest hyper car, T.50 did not just look like a next-gen hyper car with all its silver glory, it sounded like one too.

Dario Franchetti, a former race car driver piloted the T.50. He drove it around 2.37-mile or 3.81 km Goodwood Circuit. He plans to buy one of the Gordon Murray’s creations himself. When piloting the T.50, he took it for three full turns around the course and showed some of what the vehicle can do thanks to rain-slick track conditions.



In a video uploaded to the official Goodwood YouTube channel, you can hear the sound of Gordon Murray’s creation for yourself. The banshee wail of the T.50 comes thanks to the most impressive feature of the car, the 12-cylinder Cosworth-sourced heart. The 3.9-liter V-12 is a powerhouse.


Gordon Murray’s creation has an engine that is mated to a six-speed gearbox. It will churn out 654 horses (481 kW) and 344 ft lbs of torque (466 Nm). It will also have a redline of 12,000 rpm. Though the carmaker has not released the performance estimates for the vehicle, the Gordon Murray shared that it would be blindingly quick when he talked about the car last year.


In addition to the head-turning powertrain, the T.50 has a curvaceous design which will make you think of the most famous supercar by the designer, the McLaren F1. Both the cars also have gullwing doors. A 16-inch fan juts out in the rear that helps in improving aerodynamics and keeps the engine cool. When you combine all of this with a curb weight of 2, 174 pounds (986 kgs), the T.50 will potentially be a rocket on the road.


Gordon Murray T.50


Gordon Murray’s creation will start building the vehicle in January 2022 and deliveries will be scheduled later in the same year. Only 100 examples of T.50 will be made. The car is expected to cost around AU$4 million. The production of a track-only version, the Niki Lauda will start in January 2023. It will cost AU$4.5 million. Specific details of a release in Australia are not shared yet.

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