The Batman: An Intense Leaked Clip Shows Riddler Attacking a Funeral

A leak from The Batman shows the Riddler attacking the funeral for Gotham City’s mayor and delivering a letter to Bruce Wayne.

The Batman: An Intense Leaked Clip Shows Riddler Attacking a Funeral
The Batman. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

A leaked clip from the upcoming superhero film, The Batman, was leaked recently. It shows one of the film’s villains, The Riddler attacking a funeral for the mayor of Gotham city and delivering a letter to Bruce Wayne (played by Robert Pattinson).

The Matt Reeves film will explore the early years of the titular character and be similar to Batman: Year One, Frank Miller’s seminal comic that followed The Batman as he earned the mantle of “World’s Greatest Detective.” In the film, Bruce Wayne would be up against multiple iconic villains including, Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman/Selina Kyle, John Turturro’s Carmine Falcone, and Colin Farrell’s Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot. However, Paul Dano’s Edward Naston/The Riddler will be the main antagonist.


For those of you who don’t know him, the Riddler is a serial killer active in Gotham City. He is known for wrapping duct tapes around the heads of his victims while leaving clues for Batman.  As seen in the film’s trailers, one of Riddler’s poor victims is Gotham City’s mayor Don Mitchell Jr., killed in his home and whose body found with “No More Lies” written on his face. The funeral will be seen in The Batman and offer the Riddler another opportunity to wreak havoc on the city.


The leaked video from The Batman is quite dark, gritty, and very intense. It gives people an idea of what to expect from the film. Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon could be seen discussing missing D.A. Gil Colson with a fellow officer. Then, Bruce Wayne sees the Riddler, and a car crashes through the church, which carries Colson and a message for Batman.

Historically, Riddler’s love for puzzles leads to him revealing the identity of the Dark Knight. The clip from The Batman implies that he already knows Bruce Wayne is Batman or finds it out early in the film. It is also likely that the film will explore the role played by Wayne’s family in Gotham’s corruption which the Riddler wants to unveil. So, Wayne would probably need to reconcile his family’s past as well.

The Batman – The Bat and The Cat trailer


The Batman is currently slated to premiere in Australia on March 3. You can read the official synopsis of the film down below.

The Batman is an edgy, action-packed thriller that depicts Batman in his early years, struggling to balance rage with righteousness as he investigates a disturbing mystery that has terrorized Gotham. Robert Pattinson delivers a raw, intense portrayal of Batman as a disillusioned, desperate vigilante awakened by the realization that the anger consuming him makes him no better than the ruthless serial killer he’s hunting.

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