The Boys Season 3: First Full Look of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy Unveiled

Fans have been waiting for Season 3 of this much-anticipated series

The Boys Season 3 - First Full Look of Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy Unveiled
The ‘Supernatural’ star has been a much-anticipated addition to the upcoming season of The Boys

The Boys Season 3 is officially here. The team has released the first full look of Jensen Ackles, and he looks quite good as Soldier Boy. It seems that the character is now ready for battle.


In 2020, the second season of The Boys became an instant sensation, and people started talking about it. It presented a witty skewering of the superhero culture and was liked by the audience and critics alike. Since then, fans have been waiting for Season 3 of this much-anticipated series.

Though many details of Season 3 are not unveiled yet, it is assured that the new episode will continue from the major twist that came at the ending of the last season. For those who have not watched the show, Season 2 of The Boys revealed that Victoria Neuman is the supe that has been blowing up people’s heads. In addition to that, Season 3 will also unveil Jensen Ackles as Soldier boy, who is one of the original superheroes of the Vought.


If the latest image of Soldier Boy from The Boys is considered, he is likely a real superhero as the suit he has donned looks like a mix of spandex and tactical gear. He also has a shield that will likely be flaunted in Season 3. In the comics, the character is portrayed as overly naive and patriotic, so fans are eager to see the upgraded version of the character.


Some people believe that the Soldier Boy in The Boys might be a slight parody of Captain America, so they expected him to have the stars and stripes look. But, as Homelander already has got that aesthetic, the Soldier Boy should have his own costume to flaunt in The Boys Season 3. Talking about the look, Designer Laura Jean Shannon said, “Our goal was to highlight a bygone era of overt masculinity and grit. With that pedigree, we dove headfirst into baking in an all-American quality grounded in a military soldier’s practicality with a heavy dose of old school cowboy swagger.”


Here’s the first full look at Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in Amazon’s The Boys season 3


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