The Elite Men’s Guide: 7 Stylish Ways to Look Better with Casual Jeans

It’s time to level up your style game mates

The Elite Men's Guide: 7 Stylish Ways to Look Better with Casual Jeans


Most of us own several pairs of jeans, but most of us just consider them to be a casual piece of clothing. If you are looking to up your style game, you should consider using your jeans to create a lasting impression. Here are 7 super stylish ways to look better with casual jeans that aren’t expensive and are easy to follow, even from tomorrow. Have a look and try as many as you can.


Let’s get on with it.

Wear with Button-Down Shirt– Wearing jeans with a t-shirt is quite common and looks good most of the time. But if you want to look better, especially when your aim is to impress a girl, you should replace the t-shirt with a button-down shirt. It’s an interesting way to make your look more impressive that won’t take much of an effort. Just make sure that you choose the right colours and go for the right fit!


Try Different Fits- In case you want to buy new jeans to look better, don’t just stick to the same cut you have been wearing for years now. Instead, go for slim fit jeans as they are trendy, look cool, and are not childish. You can also experiment with skinny cut jeans to look better as they are very comfortable and fun. They help make you look like the cool dude you usually admire from a distance.


Layer with a Jacket- Layering clothes is a trend that usually makes you feel and look better. You can try layering your clothes like a t-shirt and jeans with options like a thin bomber jacket, a flannel jacket, or a leather jacket. The more you experiment, the better would be your overall attempts to look better. Make sure you glance at the weather forecast while picking the jacket. After all, no one likes the sweaty guy, do they?


Switch Up the Colours- If you really want to make an impression, do not stick to blue jeans only. You should try different colour options like light wash jeans, faded grey jeans, etc. that not only make you look better but also work with more colours. You will look more attractive if you don’t just stick to classic colours and seem willing to experiment.


Wear Boots Not Sneakers- Sneakers can help you look good and work well with jeans, but the problem is every other dude is wearing them. They are more common than you think. So, if you want to look better, you should replace sneakers with boots. This subtle change immediately looks better. Your options are endless. You can go for combat, trendy, or casual boots. The more you experiment with boots to go with jeans to look better, the more people will think that you tried to look better. And yes, you will get the added advantage of extra height, which will help you to look better and create a good first impression too!


Tapered at the Bottom- Loose jeans at the bottom rarely make you look better. They usually swallow your footwear and can be a big no for fashion-forward people. Almost every style guide today will tell you to buy jeans that are tapered at the bottom. It makes the jeans look good and allows you to look better overall. They also help draw attention to your footwear.


Tuck in the T-Shirt- No, we are not asking you to tuck in the t-shirt like a school going kid. Instead, you can leave the t-shirt slightly untucked to create an impression and look better. When you try this look, most people, especially women, will think that you actually know how to put together outfits and would usually be impressed.


So, these were the 7 tried and tested super stylish ways to look better with casual jeans that any guy can try and instantly draw attention. If you try multiple tips mentioned in this article like wearing slim-cut jeans with a t-shirt slightly tucked in, a leather jacket for layering and boots as footwear, it will not only help you to look better but also help you to be more noticeable. What are you waiting for? Try these tips mates and up your fashion game this weekend!


Look better.