The Human Penis Could Become Smaller Due to the Dreaded Pollution

A pollutant interacts with the body’s endocrine system and suppresses it

The Human Penis Could Become Smaller Due to the Dreaded Pollution
Image by Deon Black on Unsplash

It is not uncommon for men to worry about how much they measure down there. Now, you should be concerned more than ever, as a scientific study has linked pollution with the permanent shortening of the human penis.


Sounds like a nightmare indeed.

According to this study, pollution may also result in a larger number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Dr. Shanna Swan, an environmental scientist from the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City is the brain behind these findings.


Recently, Dr. Shanna Swan also authored a book that probed the implications of pollution on the human reproduction system. Dr. Swan reported that during the manufacturing of a number of plastics, a chemical called ‘phthalates’ is released into the environment.

This pollutant interacts with the body’s endocrine system and suppresses it. Since the endocrine system releases hormones in the body, the reproduction system gets drastically affected. When this chemical enters the body, the body mistakes it for the estrogen hormone. Eventually, this would result in the human penis becoming smaller. This may also cause the human penis to lose its erectile strength.


In the study, Dr. Swan tested the phthalate chemical on rats. It was observed that the baby rats who were exposed to this chemical when they were in the womb, ended up with smaller genitals after birth. A similar result would be seen in humans – shortening of the human penis.

In this regard, Dr. Swan stated, “Chemicals in our environment and unhealthy lifestyle practices in our modern world are disrupting our hormonal balance, causing various degrees of reproductive havoc.”

She further added, “Babies are now entering the world already contaminated with chemicals because of the substances they absorb in the womb.” Other sources of the substance are believed to be cosmetics, food packaging and detergents”.


Though, note that the human penis is naturally prone to shrinking too. Certainly, factors such as aging, smoking, and a lack of exercise play their role here. However, the presence of pollutants can significantly affect.

Indeed, a shortening of the human penis or a complete loss of erectile strength would be no less than a nightmare for men. So, it’s time we begin fighting against pollution to save our manhood!


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