The Mayweather vs Paul Match Generated A Combined USD $150 Million

The boxing match generated a combined $150 million payday

The Mayweather vs Paul Match Generated A Combined USD $150 Million
Mayweather vs Paul

Fans were waiting for the Mayweather vs Paul boxing match for a long time, and it finally happened. Logan Paul and Mayweather went the distance in the exhibition fight. However, fans are furious that it turned out extremely underwhelming.


The Mayweather vs Paul “boxing match”

At the same time, the boxing match generated a combined $150 million payday for both boxers. The boxing community is now questioning the legitimacy of the match, with both fighters walking out with content smirks.

Logan Paul had an USD $18 million payday while Mayweather walked away with $133 million for returning in the ring. Not bad for a single day. So, the results of the Mayweather vs Paul fight might not bother them at all.


As soon as the fight ended with the crowd chanting “boo”, the two boxers walked back to their dressing room with a suspicious smirk on their faces.


Regardless of how the fight turned out, Logan Paul would be able to brag that he went in the ring with one of the best boxers of all time. Even though, Paul was constantly stalling the fight. Since a TKO or knockout was necessary for a supposed win, it is hard to say who won.

After all, there were no knockouts in the Mayweather vs Paul match. And that is something that fans were not expecting.


According to boxing commentators, the Mayweather vs Paul boxing match was nothing other than legalized robbery. Furthermore, Teddy Atlas, a renowned boxing commentator wrote on Twitter, “Floyd was half right, it wasn’t exciting, but it was Easy Money”.

Similarly, Kevin Iole, a popular boxing reporter called it an “outrageous money grab.” Indeed, boxing enthusiasts are quite angered at the outcomes of this event. Right after the match, Canelo Alvarez, a pro boxer tweeted the facepalm emoji to express his discontent.


Seemingly, the Mayweather vs Paul face-off was not as exciting as fans had initially expected. For the fans, it is almost as if the entire Mayweather vs Paul hype was nothing but a hoax designed to grab some money.

Right after the fight, both fighters seem to be praising each other. Good sportsmanship? Well, one may call it that. But fans say it is not coherent with how heated things were during the days leading up to the fight. Wow.


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