The Modern Man’s Guide: How to Tell if a Girl Likes You

Reading Women 101 is in session. 

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Our ancestors found their cream of the crop mates by winning the ladies in battles, being great hunters, or feats of strength that impressed the ancient honeys. Nowadays we don’t need to raid the neighboring village for our loves but courtship has never been so tricky due to technology and globalization. But also thanks to evolution, the old ways are still tried and true albeit done much differently, so here’s a guide on how to tell if a girl likes you.


She follows through

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When a lady follows through with her promises this means you mean something to her. Whether its messaging you about booking the movie tickets you talked about, or lending you that game you wanted, this is a good sign of a meaningful relationship she wants to build.


She imitates your mannerisms

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One of the ways to tell if a girl likes you is mirroring. A woman does this subconsciously if she finds a man as attractive as he finds her. This establishes rapport, comfort, and most importantly trust. This is also why couples walk alongside each other at exactly the same pace, and turn and face each other at the right moment. So if you like putting your hands to your side and she does the same, shes really into you.


Those eyes that sparkle

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Our pupils involuntarily dilate when we see someone that is sexually desirable. That feeling you get when she looks at you with “sparkly” eyes is exactly that. So look her in the eyes when you talk to her and check this out, but don’t stare at her like a creep all day.


The genuine smile

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When a lady smiles at you with her eyes closed, her mouth in a wide smile, her cheeks risen up to form crows feet in her eyes, it is called a “Duchenne” smile. The Duchenne only happens when someone is truly happy and is one of the clearest ways of how to tell if a girl likes you a lot.


Your corny jokes hit her hard

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If a lady laughs long and hard at your half-baked jokes she is showing that she is receptive and her attention is all yours.


Her feet tell it all

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A lady will instinctively point her feet toward you if she is sexually interested in you. This is a very old evolutionary impulse that resembles a female getting ready for sex.


Everything in common

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A girl will never mention an ex unless you ask them, and will always talk about things you both like. If she is being agreeable and sparking mutual interests, you’re on the right track.

Hopefully these ways of how to tell if a girl likes you will help you avoid the pain of having to find a good, meaningful relationship this day and age. And please don’t use these to take advantage of the greatest thing that was created for us, the woman.