The Quick Guide: Texting to Sexting

It’s time to turn the heat up a bit!

Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash

The romantic exchanges of love notes and letters are all in the past and the sexually explicit conversation through phone sex has lost its charm since the day sexting was born. Dirty mobile messages has been so popular for the unstoppable sex drive of today’s’ teens and millennials for the past years. It could be because of its convenience as a simple texting to sexting can happen anytime and anywhere. Also, its low maintenance, all you need is your smartphone, and an internet connection.


To get you started, here is a useful quick guide how to turn your texting to sexting!


Timing is Everything! – sending brash text messages too fast too soon may scare your girl right away. There’s nothing wrong with starting slow as it is less risky and at the same time allows you to set the pace and tone in building things up sexually. It is important to know what to say at the right time, it doesn’t matter if it gets cheesy as it could make or break your chances on her.


If you want to get a photo of her, try sending this:

“Hey, I’m really enjoying your company, as if I’ve known you. It would just be lovely to put a face to this great conversation we’re having. Could you send me a couple of your pictures?”


“Can you send me a photo? My friends don’t believe that angels really exist.”


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash


Get her into the Mood with the Power of Words! – as women are less visual than men, it is important to start stimulating her brain through the power of your words. Flirting your girl over text will make her feel more comfortable when you get physical with her on your next date. Your texting to sexting exchanges can start by sending playful and non-invasive messages through innocent conversation.


Her: “Are you free to hang out Friday Night?”

You: “Let’s do it!” ….. “Hang out I mean.”


Set the Boundaries and Ground Rules – you can bring out the naughty side of your girl by building trust and respect. Every girl’s fear is to wake up one morning and her sexts messages and private photos are all over the internet. So don’t be a douche! And if you want more of her, talk to her and arrive with an agreement on how you’re going to store your sexy photos to avoid breach of privacy.