The Submissive And Breedable Men Are The Hottest Ones Right Now

 The internet has a new version of male desirability

The Submissive And Breedable Men Are The Hottest Ones Right Now
Submissive and breedable men are in right now.

Gone are the days of conquerors, Spartans and Herculean heroes. Because according to social media, the hottest thing you, a manly man, can be right now is submissive and perhaps breedable. Yes, a new trend is emerging as men are called “submissive and breedable”. Read on to know about this new trend and what it means.

The meme is quite popular now on different platforms, be it Twitter or TikTok. And it’s not offensive at all. Earlier, the term breedable, only had a conceptual meaning and was considered offensive. But not anymore mates,  referring to men as submissive, breedable or fertile is a subversive acknowledgment of their physical appeal.

You’ve probably come across people pairing a steamy thirst trap with a caption calling themselves breedable, or point out a (real or fictional) man’s attractiveness by commenting on their “fertile” qualities, a light-hearted degradation that is inherently sexual. It is the latest entry to the list of things you can do to make her want you.



Being like that is like a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that you are desirable. Men are calling each other this on social media platforms as they want to come across as desirable.


The ‘Submissive and Breedable’ trope

The trope gained attention when a Twitter user @T4RIG tweeted this on June 23, “normalize platonically telling your bros they look submissive and breedable.” It was first used as a copypasta.


However, the origins of the meme began earlier, in March 2021 when a TikTok user @yeahthataintme (the account is now deactivated) wrote this in the caption- “feelin petite right now maybe a lil vulnerable in this cardigan, perhaps breedable.” But it started a trend that’s spreading like wildfire in the internet.


Should You be Submissive and Breedable?

Absolutely! Being submissive and breedable also reiterates the fact that the younger generation is now redefining traditional gender roles, especially in heteronormative relationships. It is also a way of asserting female dominance rather than asserting male strength and dominance. Gen Z women are dying to peg their men, and “submissive and breedable” men on the other end of that equation might just be up for it.

You could also use this phrase as it can come across as humorous, the first trait in the ever-popular H.O.T.A.P.E.

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