The Ultimate Guy’s Guide: Taking a Good Profile Picture

Taking a good profile is now much easier than you thought!

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We live in a time where having a good profile picture is super important because people seem to judge you on the basis of your social media profile. If your selfie game is low then let us help you out by giving you the best tips and tricks that you need for taking a good photo.

The following points below should be your go-to ideas for taking a good profile picture.

1 – Make the most of the windows!
Stand near or in front of the windows and let the natural light does its magic. The natural light will give you a glow that will enhance all your prominent features and you will get a profile picture which will make the girls swipe right on your Tinder profile.

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2 – Be unique with your angles
Don’t keep going for the same angles in every selfie because people will start finding your selfies boring at some point. Try an unconventional angle; take a selfie in which your surroundings are more visible instead of just your face taking over the whole picture. People love it when they see what’s going in the background because it just makes you appear cooler in all honesty.

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3 – Give people what they want
Everyone loves a symmetrical face and even if your face is not symmetrical, you can trick people into thinking it is just by wearing the sunglasses that suits your face perfectly. This trick will give your selfie an ultimate boost.

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4 – Two words – MIRROR SELFIES
If you have a body worth showing off then go ahead and take as many mirror selfies as you want. While you are at it, don’t forget to twist your body a little bit because then your waist will appear slimmer and your muscles bigger! Also, don’t ever take a mirror selfie with the flash on because it just ruins the quality of the picture.

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5 – Animals are your best friend for a reason
Taking a selfie with your pet guarantees a hundred or more likes and definitely a swipe right on tinder from the majority of people! So, go ahead and take the cutest selfie ever with your pet.

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6 – Sunshine will never disappoint you
Never pass on the opportunity to click a selfie on a sunny day! The sunshine will make your face appear younger and clearer. Your jaw line will be enhanced, your eyes will sparkle and the best part is you will not be spending half an hour just editing your selfie because no airbrushing will be required. #nofilter

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7 – Get creative
Use the option of the timer and show off your beautiful surroundings by taking a back selfie! It’s a great trick to show off your sexy back and to make everyone jealous of your exotic vacay location. Plus, it will make a pretty damn good profile picture.

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8 – Keep it simple
Do not get carried away by faking your facial expressions because anyone can spot a wannabe selfie. Be yourself and keep the realness in order to stand out.

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9 – Crop it
Make the most of the cropping option and keep the mystery alive by not showing your entire face. It will keep the people intrigued.

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10 – Know the importance of angles
Every angle is not going to suit you or make you look good so; you better find an angle which is perfect for you and take selfies in that direction.

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P.S. Do not forget to have fun while taking a good profile picture otherwise, the picture will not turn out to be as great as you expect.

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