The Vatican Investigates How Pope Francis ‘Liked’ a Model’s Sexy Photo

“At least I’m going to heaven.”

The Vatican Investigates How Pope Francis 'Liked' a Model's Sexy Photo
Photo by : Ashwin Vaswani/Unsplash

Pope Francis — or much more likely someone working for the pope — apparently fancies Instagram models.

The official Instagram account of Pope Fancis, franciscus, recently “liked” a scantily clad pic of a 27-year-old Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto. The model is also popular on the video live streaming site, Twitch. A number of news outlets began reporting on the social media Like of Pope Francis last Friday; the model’s Instagram photo was soon after “Unliked.”


A representative from the Holy See Press office told BBC that “as far as we know the ‘Like’ did not come from the Holy See.” (The picture, according to reports, showed the model in revealing, schoolgirl-style attire and the photo was captioned with a devil horn emoji and line “I can teach you a thing or two.”). The Vatican also mentioned that it was working with Instagram to discover how the Like happened.

Vatican Investigates How the Pope 'Liked' a Brazilian Model's Sexy Photo


“We are studying what happened with the help of the competent office at Instagram,” director of the Vatican Press Matteo Bruni stated.

An internal investigation within the Vatican has also started.

Actually, it would be nice if the Vatican acted like this quickly on more important matters that have gone on for quite some time now.


“At least I’m going to heaven,” as Garibotto tweeted.


Since then it seems that the Brazilian model has also found God.



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