The Waldorf Astoria Miami Tower is a Stunning High-Rise Marvel

The mastermind behind the marvellous design is Carlos Ott

The Waldorf Astoria Miami Tower is a High-Rise Marvel
Waldorf Astoria Miami

We all love high-rise buildings that help make a city look glorious and give people a view from the top. The latest addition to these high-rise buildings is a true marvel, the 1.049 feet, and 100 storeys Waldorf Astoria Miami tower that is in downtown Miami. The sales at the tower began today and set the market on fire.


Like every ambitious project, Waldorf Astoria Miami was not also possible without some experts. The mastermind behind the marvellous design is Carlos Ott, who is also known for building the Opera Bastille in Paris. This plan was executed by Sieger Suarez, a local architectural firm. The building will open next month, and people who are interested in having a place in this structurally ambitious building can start lining up now.

The interiors of the residences and hotels of Waldorf Astoria were done by BAMO, a California-based firm. Each of them has several top-level amenities. The building has a new iteration of Peacock Alley, which can be found in Waldorf Astoria, New York. All the condos in Waldorf Astoria Miami will have incredible interiors that are automated thanks to smart home technology. A person can access services like dog walking and dining reservations just with the tap of a button.


The first three cubes of Waldorf Astoria Miami will be dedicated only to hotel rooms, while the rest of it will be just for residential use. The penthouse suites will be at the top, i.e., the ninth cube.

The cost of junior suites at the Waldorf Astoria Miami begins from AUD 920,507 (About USD 700,000), while the single bedrooms will cost AUD 1.3 (About USD 1) million. The four-bedroom condos will cost AUD 6.4 (About USD 4.9) million. Just 360 units will be put on sale.


The Waldorf Astoria Miami


Talking about Waldorf Astoria Miami and the city, Ryan Shear, who serves as the Managing Partner of New York and Miami-based Property Markets Group, the developer of the project, said, “Miami has become a true global city, drawing in a high concentration of international buyers and travellers, as well as those domestically from the Northeast, Midwest, and California.” He added, “Waldorf Astoria’s rich history and heritage combined with Miami’s flare needed to evoke an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from a new generation of luxury consumers, as well as generational Waldorf brand loyalists around the world.” Speaking of architectural marvels, Louis Vuitton has also unveiled the revamped tower in Tokyo’s Ginza district recently.


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