The Weeknd: Watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show Here

The Weeknd Spent USD 7 (AUD 9) Million on His Super Bowl 2021 Show

The Weeknd: Watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show Here
Image: The Weeknd Super Bowl Halftime Show. Image: NFL/YouTube

The Weeknd recently delivered an impressive and stunning Super Bowl Halftime Show, on Super Bowl 2021 day. It was a memorable performance that will be talked about for a long time and has impressed his fans worldwide.


The set began with the Canadian singer sitting amongst a faux city after hours. Then he floated down to the bottom of the appealing set where a grand-looking stand was broken to reveal The Weeknd wearing his famous red suit.

The celebrity then opened the set with Starboy, and his performance was made more impressive thanks to a full-on and angelic choir that offered support from behind. Then The Weeknd performed The Hills, which was followed by ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. In the latter, he walked backstage into a room that resembled the video set of Blinding Lights.


Then The Weeknd performed on I Feel It Coming, Save Your Tears and Earned It. A few lookalikes of the singer then got on stage and The Weekend gave a breathtaking rendition of ‘Blinding Lights.’ The people in red suits performed the Blinding Lights TikTok dance as well.

As per reports, The Weeknd made the performance extra special by spending USD 7 (About AUD 9.12) million on his own. It is impressive given how the music sensation has worked his way up from the streets of Toronto.


There was a time when The Weeknd had to struggle a lot. He had a difficult upbringing. Then he was living in an apartment with two friends who paid for it by using the welfare benefits they were getting. There were days when the star had to steal food to survive and even sell drugs as well. He lived a no rules lifestyle back then and faced even more trouble when he and his friends were kicked out of their flat. At that time, he lied to women that he loved them to have a roof over his head. Now, he has given a performance the world will remember. It is really a great feat!


The Weeknd: Super Bowl Halftime Show

Video: NFL/YouTube


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