This Christie’s Supreme Box Tee Auction will Feature Priceless Collections

The Behind the Box: 1994-2000 private sale is expected to fetch over $2 million USD


In the coming month, Christie’s will hold the first-ever auction that will feature the popular brand, Supreme. And a big part of this auction will revolve around the iconic Supreme box logo on the shirts. Now that is great news for the long-time fans of this brand.


The very first segment called ‘Behind the Box: 1994 – 2000’ features some of the most popular collaborations between Supreme and others such as Takashi Murakami, and Louis Vuitton.


Though, the next segment focuses on the famous signature tee shirts. This segment will feature a unique collection of the Supreme logo t-shirts from every release since the year 1944.

Based on speculations, this collection could gather more than $2 million. However, one may not worry about the condition of these pieces.


Of course, they are all vintage designs. However, they are all just as good as new, and hence, the price is fully justified. With that, fans of Supreme will be willing to pay top dollar.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to collect so many vintage designs. It took the consigner of this auction, James Bogart, roughly six years to complete this project.


According to him, the biggest challenge was to find a good condition on a tee-shirt that is already hard enough to find.

Still, he acquired the full set that also includes the rare Bape collaboration shirt from the year 2000 – 2001. This collaboration resulted in just 15 styles. And only 100 units each of these styles went into production.

While many collectors would consider it to be impossible, James Bogart did what is impossible and found the items in almost new condition.


The Behind the Box: 1994-2000 Supreme Box Logo Tee collection


Such focus on quality and condition reflects the standards that Christie’s is maintaining for the auction. This auction will feature only the best and covetable pieces of the Supreme brand, which is now acquired by VF Corporation.

The rare Supreme Box logo tee is also featuring in the auction. The bidding for the this Supreme grail on Christie’s auction will start at 10 AM EST on 1st December 2020 and end at 10 AM EST on 15th December 2020.



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