This is the Safest City in the World, According to The Economist

The notion of exactly what makes somewhere “safe” has changed significantly due to the pandemic.

This is the Safest City in the World, According to The Economist
The safest city in the world. Credit: Nick Karvounis

The Economist has used different data sources and crunched the numbers to find out which is the safest city in the world. It has also ranked several cities based on the safety provided by the city.

The world’s safest city

According to the data, Copenhagen is the safest city in the world. It got the title of the safest city in the world based on health, digital, infrastructure, personal safety, and environmental security. On a scale of 0-100, the Danish capital got 82.4 and became the safest city in the world.


The second spot on the list went to Toronto with 82.2, while the third spot went to Singapore at 80.7. Sydney was at the fourth spot with 80.1, while the fifth spot was offered to Tokyo at 80.


To get the ranking that named the safest city globally, the Economist Intelligence Unit analysed scores of factors that affect present and future city life. It ranked 60 cities by 76 indicators that were within five broad categories of security. They were health, digital, infrastructure, personal and environmental.

When it comes to digital security, Sydney, the popular city of Australia, got the highest score as it has one of the best internet access, cyber security, and privacy. Tokyo emerged as a winner when it comes to health security as it offered good access to healthcare, pandemic response, mental health infrastructure, and more.


Infrastructure security considered everything from pedestrian-friendliness to transport safety, disaster management to power networks, and even water supplies. Hong Kong did well in this and got the top spot.

The safest city in the world, Copenhagen, excelled at personal safety and did well when it came to crime and justice system, potential terrorism, and even corruption. The last category, environmental security, includes everything from air quality to waste management, renewable energy, and more. Wellington did best in this category.


Since 2015, The Economist Intelligence Unit has been undertaking the safe city rankings every two years. This is the first time Copenhagen has been named the safest city in the world.


These ae the safest cities in the world for 2021:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Toronto
  3. Singapore
  4. Sydney
  5. Tokyo
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Wellington
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Melbourne
  10. Stockholm


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