This Plane-Shaped Louis Vuitton Bag Costs More Than an Actual Plane

This uniqe Louis Vuitton bag was designed by Virgil Abloh 

This Plane-Shaped Louis Vuitton Bag Costs More Than an Actual Plane
Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is popular for its luxury bags and fashion goods. Of course, not everybody can afford a Louis Vuitton bag. Though, people do acknowledge the high-end craftsmanship of LV products. Well, the luxury fashion brand just recently released a new bag that is nothing of the ordinary.


Aeroplane-shpaed Louis Vuitton bag

This unique Louis Vuitton bag was designed by Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, as part of the Fall-winter 2021 collection. It is a travel bag which comes in the shape of a plane. Yes, you read that right. As obnoxious as it may sound, the travel bag looks quite unique and would cost one $A50,000. Surprisingly enough, some actual planes may cost lesser than that.


Since the shape of this Louis Vuitton bag is not the most practical, people took it to social media to ridicule the bag. Some people pointed out that one can buy a real plane for a lesser price. For instance, a used Cessna 150 from the 1950s would cost just half of the price tag of this Louis Vuitton bag.

Another Twitter user wrote, “for $39k (USD) I better be able to fly that bag”. Another user wrote, “it’s a bit too plane for my tastes”. At the same time, the official Twitter account of Southwest Airlines also tweeted a picture of their own smiling plane-shaped bag that looks like it is meant for kids. The tweet said, “Ours is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper and makes a takeoff noise when squeezed. Just saying.”



Throughout the new Louis Vuitton collection, the aviation theme is quite apparent. Apart from the Louis Vuitton bag itself, the smaller items such as earrings also feature travel. According to Abloh, the collection is based on masculine archetypes including the titles “tourist” and “salesman”.

Though, note that some handbags in the world of luxury fashion may cost even higher. For instance, many bags by Hermès go up to $US 400,000. Hence, this plane-themed Louis Vuitton bag is still cheaper as compared with other more expensive options.



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In other news, Louis Vuitton has taken BTS stars on board as brand ambassadors for their luxury fashion goods.


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