Thor Bjornsson aka The Mountain Goes From Bulky Lifter to Lean Fighter

He has been engaging in a very tough training routine

Thor Bjornsson aka The Mountain Goes From Bulky Lifter to Lean Fighter
Hafthor Bjornsson aka The Mountain. @thorbjornsson/Instagram

Every game of Thrones fan would know about Thor Bjornsson, also known as The Mountain. The Icelandic strongman was famous for competitive strength sports. However, after retiring in 2020, Thor Bjornsson started his boxing career.


Since then, he has been on a very tough training routine, with workouts focusing on agility, power, and sleep. Of course, nutrition had to be modified accordingly. Though, the results are truly phenomenal.

Like all physical transformations, The Mountain did not go sleek in a single day. Instead, it took at least a year, during which Thor Bjornsson continued to share his meal plans and workouts on his official Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Among these, one video showing his heavy-cardio workouts along with a drop of 100 pounds received significant attention.


Now, in a recent post on Instagram, Thor Bjornsson flaunts the results that he has worked for, for a long time. The Mountain went straight from being a bulky power lifter to an agile fighter. In specific, fans are impressed by the six-packs, which his previous routine did not allow.

As a caption for the recent post, The Mountain wrote, “The training has been insane lately. I’ve never in my life worked as hard as I do now. Boxing is something else! Hats off to all boxers out there! #Respect.”


Though, it is not just Thor Bjornsson aka The Mountain who has achieved such a big milestone. Fellow rival and strongman Eddie Hall has also entered the world of boxing. And apparently, both the fighters will face each other in a grudge match, which fans are desperately waiting for.

From what it looks, the recent posts of Thor Bjornsson are more of a dig at his opponent, Hall. Though, Hall seems confident that he could handle The Mountain.


Thor Bjornsson aka The Mountain


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