Trials Begin for a Tablet That Might Help You Stop Snoring for Good

Easing the symptoms of sleep apnea

Trials Begin for a Tablet That Might Help You Stop Snoring for Good


Millions of people on this planet snore at night and feel ashamed or humiliated about it. Such people and their bed partners have got something to cheer about as trials are on for a tablet that might help a person to stop snoring for good.


Early trials of this tablet that might help stop snoring suggest that it helped in reducing snoring frequency by 74 percent for 20 volunteers of the research. The tablet is undergoing more trials to judge its safety and efficiency before it’s made available to the public. Codenamed as AD109, this magic drug has two existing medications. The first is atomoxetine that helps fight ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in kids. Another is oxybutynin, which is usually prescribed to people who have urinary incontinence.


The tablet that might help people to stop snoring would possibly have some side effects as well. Oxybutynin can lead to side effects like drowsiness, stomach cramps and dry eyes. In contrast, atomoxetine has its own set of side effects that include some serious ones like depression and suicidal thoughts in kids who receive this medication for ADHD.


An Independent Sleep Expert, Dr Neil Stanley shed some light on the need for more research before this tablet that could help stop snoring could be made public. Dr Stanley said “These are interesting preliminary findings and the reduction in symptoms is very promising. But more research is needed to see if the effect is sustained.”


Why Snoring Occurs

Snoring happens when your facial muscles relax during sleep, and there is a narrow opening which allows air to pass through for breathing. The snoring sound is heard when the air is forced through a smaller gap between the nose and throat. Almost each one of us snores occasionally, but sometimes, the snoring can be so severe that it leads to a lot of noise and might even impact the oxygen levels of a person. It is when the need to stop snoring becomes inevitable.

We hope that this tablet will help stop snoring without any negative effects, like the ones caused by white noise, another recent discovery that’s not as successful as it was once hoped to be.