Ultimate Guy’s Guide: Having Great Sex All Your Life

Great sex no matter what your age.

A silhouette of a naked woman standing by the curtain.
Photo by Maru Lombardo on Unsplash


Every normal person likes sex, it is playtime, an outlet, and most importantly an expression of love. What is better than sex? Well, great sex plain and simple. Us men can have sex all throughout our lives as long as we maintain a healthy sex life. For men in their later years, you can’t help but think of how much of a stud you were in your 20s and 30s; but did you know that a lot of men actually hit their peak in the 40 and 50-something age? So here is where we go decade-by-decade on how to have great sex every time.



Our 20s is when we probably had the most frequent sex, mainly because of how easily aroused we are at that age. Bananas, with their high B vitamin count that gives energy and stimulates sex hormone production should be a staple in your everyday diet. Getting it up is the easy part this time in our life. But a huge, and embarrassing problem for young bucks out there is premature ejaculation caused by excitement, stress, and anxiety. Aside from squeezing the ridge of your penis before you climax, did you know that a pint of vanilla ice cream before sex has been proven to relax you enough to make sure you last that extra mile?



Most men in their 30s are experienced and have already overcome the causes of premature ejaculation but something else is lurking in the shadows here. Work can be draining at this stage and we can get too tired or drained for sex. And even when we want to, women who are in a secure relationship lose their libido faster than you climaxed back when you had your first. It takes two to tango, so fix the physical causes first by having a healthy lifestyle, good hygiene, and ban sex for a while. Great sex can be had by abstaining for a bit and just petting each other until the pressure goes off and the action begins.


40s, 50s and beyond

Here is where it gets tricky. Women tend to want the most sex right before they hit menopause. The question is, are you up for it? Penis problems such as impotence hit a lot of men at this age and this can be tough for a loving couple to deal with. At this stage, great sex can be had by simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle, weight, and sex life. Aphrodisiacs are also a great addition to spice things up. In worst case scenarios, it never hurts to pop that Viagra to boost you, just make sure to consult your doctor first.