Umbrella Academy Season 3 Review: Hargreeves’ vs. Sparrow Academy

Your favourite dysfunctional family of superheroes is back.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Review: Hargreeves' vs. Sparrow Academy
The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now on Netflix. Image credit: Netflix

Umbrella Academy Season 3 review — undoubtedly, The Umbrella Academy pulled off an interesting yet unexpected move as it sidelined from the wackiness it is known for to tell an intimate story of a family crisis. So, season 3 of the series requires a lot of patience and starts out slow. However, if you pull through the first few episodes that are quite slow, you will end up with a very clear picture of a flawed and complicated family. And, of course, that is coupled with all the fun that The Umbrella Academy is already known for.

Unlike season 2, season 3 takes a totally different pace. It is not surprising since the series got a soft reset after its first season ended. In the previous season, we witnessed the separation of the Hargreeves. Now season 3 begins with a confrontation with The Sparrow Academy, which is simply a version of themselves from an alternate universe that they created accidentally while tinkering around. In season 2, we bounced from one sibling’s story to the next. However, now that we see them all together, the storytelling has gotten a lot more interesting.


Another show that has recently taken the branching narrative style of storytelling is Stranger Things Season 4. However, it is still quite refreshing to see a new season based on the fantasy that takes a disciplined approach and relies on the usual time-tested formula.

Regardless of that, this new season of The Umbrella Academy still takes some time to set the pace and draw the attention of the viewers. Eventually, it delves into the nuanced relationships that the siblings have. The very first episode does have some fun as it features a unique dynamic between the Sparrows and the Umbrellas. However, as the characters dive deeper to figure out the current turmoil, the upcoming episodes slow down a little. Though, it takes only around three episodes to set the pace right.


The Umbrella Academy has always been known for its character development of every Hargreeves. Yet once again, season 3 is no different in that sense. Every family member gets their fair share of screen time, and the storyline makes sure that there is no weak link in the performance.


According to most fans, Luther has been rather annoying and difficult to bear within the previous seasons. Now, the once-all-annoying Luther has taken a redemptive arc. Furthermore, the performance delivered by Tom Hopper has really made the character significantly likable. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that he would be among the favorite characters in the show currently.

Other than that, Klaus, Diego, and Give also get plenty of time. Five continues with the exhausting journey of being a time-traveler inside the body of a teenager. Furthermore, Diego used to be among the most reserved characters of The Umbrella Academy. But now, the character also takes his arc. On the other hand, it might seem that Klaus has a storyline that is slightly removed from the bigger picture. However, Robert Sheehan plays the character with unmatched charm.


Nevertheless, the real essence of season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is the relationship between Allison and Viktor. This new season tells us how families can sometimes fail regardless of all the loyalty and love. Furthermore, it also stresses the fact that building trust can be difficult once it has been broken. This entire theme has been woven into the show in a rather obscure yet fascinating way.

Furthermore, the characters of The Sparrow Academy are rather sketched thinly in a one-dimensional way. However, since the new season features some action, that makes up for their lack of depth. But compared with the previous seasons, one cannot help but notice that the fight scenes this time are a little backseat.


It takes a few episodes for The Umbrella Academy Season 3 to get going. However, it does not fail to do what the show is known for. I could not find any weak performance in the show. While it is less action-packed as compared to the previous entries, it does have a lot of depth and meaning. So, I would say that it is a must-watch!

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