Virgil Abloh Wants to Design a Football Kit for Liverpool FC

Abloh recently asked the club to “move up the table together” on Instagram

Virgil Abloh Wants to Design a Football Kit for Liverpool FC
Virgil Abloh

Designing football kits and getting a contract for it is not an easy thing. When Nike signed a deal with Liverpool FC early last year, they had to deal with opposition from the previous kit supplier, New Balance, and the entire matter was dragged in the court. As expected, Nike won the case and became the new kit provider for Liverpool. Things seem to be changing again for Liverpool as Virgil Abloh has expressed the desire to design a football kit for Liverpool. Keep scrolling for the details.


The story began when a fan posted to Virgil Abloh’s Instagram stories, and the CEO of Off-White decided to respond to it. He stated, “I didn’t even think about it. Liverpool FC, let’s move up the table together.” This is the first time Virgil Abloh has expressed an interest in designing a proper football kit. It seems that he has decided to choose Liverpool FC’s extremely popular red strip as his canvas.

Until publishing, Virgil Abloh’s Instagram story was the only indication that he might work with Nike on a Liverpool FC release in the future.


This is not the first time Virgil Abloh has thought of entering the world of Elite Sport. He is known for designing football boots for sports star Kylian Mbappe in 2018. He also designed a tutu worn by Serena Williams during the US Open and golf shoes for Brooks Koepka.

Virgil Abloh has had a history with Nike too. It released a football capsule with the popular brand to mark the 2018 World Cup. He designed a Football Mon Amour collection and a pair of bright orange Mercurial 360 boots.


It will be interesting to see whether Liverpool FC will allow a designer like Virgil Abloh to work on their home strip or not. If it does and gets it wrong, it might enrage generations of supporters and harm the overall value of Liverpool FC.

Talking about collabs, Palace Skateboards has also had a collab with Mercedes-AMG and come up with some cool apparels and a cooler race car that will soon hit the tracks.


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