What The Apple Car Design Might Look Like, According to A Patent Spy

Vanarama recreates the possible appearance of the Apple Car.

What The Apple Car Design Might Look Like, According to A Patent Spy

Every car lover probably knows that Apple has been working on its plans to build a car for years. But now, things have changed for good as a UK-based car leasing and insurance company, Vanarama, has spied on Apple’s patents and has created a 3D render of an Apple Car.

The company has given the 3D render of the Apple Car a frosted white paint job and grille design that will make you think of MacBook Pro and iPod. It has also chosen to render the Apple Car like an SUV coupe and an EV as it aligns with the current and future automotive trends.


Other design features of the vehicle render directly reference genuine Apple patents. For instance, Apple has filed a patent for adaptive doors with scooped windows to increase headroom when a person is boarding and rear suicide doors that allow easy access. The pillarless structure, which might make you think of Tesla cybertruck, is also informed by Apple patents.


The interior of the 3D rendering offers a better look at the Apple Car. The vehicle will have a customizable dashboard and a seamless touchscreen display. It will also have its virtual assistant Siri that will likely be a key part of the infotainment system of the vehicle.

You should remember that the 3D rendering of the Apple Car is still a high-tech ‘artist’s rendition, and you cannot count on it actually to look like the vehicle. However, the efforts put in by the UK-based company into creating the rendering are appreciation-worthy as it offers a pretty realistic vision.


In addition to creating the 3D rendering of the Apple Car, Vanarama has also created artists’ renditions of the future Google and Samsung cars. It followed a similar methodology where the artists used patents filed by big brands to inform potential design choices that you might see in the future. It seems that the policy of the tech giants to keep their plans a secret is not working well enough, and they need to do a better job when it comes to plugging the leaks.


Have a look at Vanarama’s Apple Car render


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