What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Check Here

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What’s Marvel Planning for Disney Plus? Read On to Know!
Falcon and Winter Soldier – Marvel Studios

Marvel was in the news last week for the fight over the custody of Spider-Man with Sony. Things might have been pretty messy behind the scenes, but the big boss of Marvel, Kevin Fiege who is as excited about MCU Phase 4 as any of the fans seemed in total control at the D23 conference on Friday Afternoon by Disney and shared some Disney Plus plans. Keep scrolling to know what they are.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Find Out Here
Marvel Studios

Unlike The Mandalorian, that’s releasing this year, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would air on Disney Plus in fall 2020, and Emily VdanCamp will reprise her role. She will be a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and Peggy Carter descendant Sharon Carter. Wyatt Russel will play the role of a new character, John Walker, who might not have anything to do with the comic book character of the same name.

For the uninitiated, John Walker is a Captain America antagonist who represents true American ideals. If the Walker of Disney Plus series is like the one in books, he would probably join forces with Daniel Brühl who will also reprise his role as the villain, Baron Zemo from Captain America: Civil War villain Baron Zemo.



What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Find Out Here
Loki – Marvel Studios

If you are wondering where did Loki go after Avengers: Endgame, this show will probably have the answers in Spring 2021. Thor’s adopted brother would be seen hopping and skipping through time. Director Kate Herron (Sex Education) would be in charge of all six episodes that are planned on Disney Plus.



What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Find Out Here
WandaVision – Marvel Studios

Releasing in spring 2021, it will be a show you can look forward to on Disney Plus. A teaser was released at D23 conference. It showed distorted footage of star-crossed lovers, Vision, and Wanda, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany from their time in MCU, even the Paprikash scene. It was spliced together with footage from The Dick Van Dyke Show, a 1960s classic sitcom that featured Mary Tyler Moore’s character, Laura Petrie, worrying about how she and her husband weren’t who they thought they were. So, you can expect a mix of a half-classic sitcom, half-Marvel adventure when this show is released on Disney Plus.

The footage might have confirmed two things about the show. First, the entire series might take place in Wanda’s head as Vision died in Infinity War. Second, the series might be inspired by Tom King’s amazing comic book The Vision. In the comic, the purple-hued hero is ser among the picket fences of suburbia. Kat Dennings will reprise her role of Darcy Lewis (from the Thor Franchise) while Randall Park will also reappear as Jimmy Woo (from Ant-Man and the Wasp). Kathryn Hahn will also join the cast of this Disney Plus series and will be a classic Nosy Neighbour.


What If…?

What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Find Out Here
What If… – Marvel Studios

Most fans already know that this show, set to be released in Summer 2021 on Disney Plus will have a bunch of MCU actors lending their voices to alternate takes on familiar stories that are hosted by Jeffrey Wright’s character of The Watcher. But what the fans didn’t know was that they would get to see footage in which they can see zombie Captain America, T’Challa in an opening heist that resembles Guardians of the Galaxy. It was also revealed that Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter was the recipient of the super-soldier serum while most people assumed it was Steve Rogers. Her Captain Carter Suit and glistening biceps are already a massive hit. So, fans would be anticipating her entry on Disney Plus!


More News

What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Find Out Here
Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight – Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel

What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Find Out Here
Ms. Marvel – Marvel

Muslim American superhero Kamala Khan will join MCU on the big screen and get her show. (which is a relief for her fans who got angry over the previous reports that she will just be appearing in a Disney Plus show.)


Moon Knight

What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Find Out Here
Moon Knight – Marvel

Moon Knight also known as Marc Spector will get his series on Disney Plus, and the probability is high that Jon Snow of Game of Thrones, Kit Harrington would play the main role. In the comics, the character is a boxer who develops dissociative identity disorder. He also has some moon-based powers. Hence, he is called the Moon Knight!



What’s Marvel Studios Planning for Disney Plus? Find Out Here
She-Hulk – Marvel Studios

She-Hulk who impressed everyone in Avengers: Endgame will also get her series on Disney Plus. She will have a law-degree and a tailored power suit. In the comics, the character is known as Jennifer Walters and is a cousin of Bruce Walter. She gets her amazing powers from him when he has to give her an emergency blood transfusion. Maybe the show will turn to be a legal drama for Disney Plus.

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