YEEZY Gap Reveals Its First Release, Round Jacket Worn by Kanye West

Teased during the weekend donned by Kanye himself

YEEZY Gap Reveals Its First Release, Round Jacket Worn by Kanye West

The much-awaited release of the YEEZY Gap collab is finally here, the “Round” YEEZY Gap jacket is now available for pre-order on the Gap website. The Kanye West and Gap partnership has just begun. The “Round” jacket comes out as the first piece, more like an inaugural release of the 10-year long partnership.


Featuring a recycled nylon construction, the jacket has a right blue tone. The striking colour is what you would expect from Kanye’s recent interests. Also, many of his fashion choices in recent times revolve around the colour blue.

The “Round” YEEZY Gap jacket has a unique round design that very nicely supports the front-cropped shape and the collar-lapel. Furthermore, this jacket does not have a closure, which makes it look trendy. Also, it comes with a YEEZY Gap logo on the inside.


At a price tag of roughly $258 (AUD), you can now pre-order the jacket. However, the shipping will begin around the fall of this year. As part of the partnership of YEEZY and Gap, floating projections of this jacket will also be hosted in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The images will project onto certain buildings in the three cities. It is similar to how Kanye marketed his Yeezus album before.


Previously, it looked like Gap was uncertain regarding the inaugural release of the partnership with YEEZY. Though, there were reports that the first item will come out in June. Regarding that, Sonia Syngal, the Chief Executive at Gap stated, “We’re going to let Yeezy himself announce it.”

She further added, “creativity takes time”. Nevertheless, now fans need not worry about it as the jacket is here already. Interestingly, Gap has archived (or perhaps deleted) all the previous Instagram posts except a picture of the new jacket.

And with all the sneaker releases, Kanye has taken it on himself to market the product. For instance, the rapper has been seen with the jacket in Los Angeles lately. It serves as both a style model and prototype testing.


The “Round” YEEZY Gap Jacket


In other news, Virgil Abloh sparks rumours about designing the new Liverpool FC kits. We shall find more about it in the coming days.


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