Zombie Apocalypse Predicted This Year. CDC has Got You Covered.

A zombie apocalypse has been predicted by Nostradamus

Zombie Apocalypse Predicted This Year. CDC has Got You Covered.
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Indeed, the year 2020 was nothing less than a roller coaster ride. But in what ways could the year 2021 be worse than 2020? Well, a zombie apocalypse could certainly make it worse. According to some people, a zombie apocalypse has been predicted by Nostradamus.


People point out to a passage that Nostradamus wrote, “Few young people: half−dead to give a start. Dead through spite, he will cause the others to shine, and in an exalted place some great evils to occur: Sad concepts will come to harm each one, Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed.”

Even though this passage does not necessarily mention the words ‘apocalypse’ and ‘zombie’, it may hint towards it, according to people. Though it is not even clear whether this passage is actually written by Nostradamus himself.


CDC Zombie Preparedness Guide for a Zombie Apocalypse

So, in the worst-case scenario, if a zombie apocalypse is indeed knocking on our door, what could we do to survive? Well, the first step would be to have an emergency kit for yourself. Well, the CDC suggests you put the following items in your emergency kit:

Food: Make sure that the food in your emergency kit is non-perishable. Canned food with sufficient expiry date or dried foods that can last long without going bad, are your best bet.

Water: This is an absolute essential. Make sure that you have around one gallon of water for one person if you are trapped in an emergency. Keep at least two weeks of water supply for emergency cases.

Tools: Make sure that you have a duct tape, battery powered radio, and a utility knife at your disposal. Since all cellular networks and the internet will be out during a zombie apocalypse, a battery powered radio should be your primary communication device.

Hygiene: Keep enough supply of household bleach, towels, and soaps.

Documents: In specific, the CDC asks people to keep their birth certificate, passport, an driver’s license with them.

First aid: In a zombie apocalypse scenario, a simple band-aid would not be enough. You need a full-fledged first aid kit.

Medication: You also need enough supply of non-prescription and prescription medicine.

More details in CDC’s Zombie Preparedness page.


You think that leaving the planet might be a good idea but we are still far away from inter-planetary and space travel. Construction of the first space hotel, Voyager Station will begin in 2026. Let’s hope that space travel becomes a reality before a Zombie Apocalypse happens, so that humans can find refuge somewhere outside the Earth.


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