Microsoft Bing Integrates Cutting-Edge ChatGPT Technology, Challenging Google in the Search Engine Game

Bing announces ChatGPT-style search with OpenAI

Microsoft Bing Integrates Cutting-Edge ChatGPT Technology, Challenging Google in the Search Engine Game
Microsoft Debuts Updated ChatGPT Technology for Bing. Image credit: Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft has recently unveiled its latest version of Bing, which is said to be more powerful than the AI language model ChatGPT created by OpenAI. The new search technology, known as “the Prometheus model”, has been designed to be a co-pilot for users on the web and is driven by OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI technology. The improved Bing is expected to offer better search rankings, increased content creation, and a chat feature that provides more information on search results.

One of the key demonstrations of the new Bing took place at the event, where Tom’s Guide reported on a video showcasing the AI writing an email outlining a family trip to Mexico and translating the letter into Spanish. Another demo from TechRadar showed Bing being used to find egg substitutes in a recipe and suggesting the exact ingredient in natural language. Microsoft also announced that the new search technology will be integrated into its web browser Edge, appearing as an icon in the upper-right corner.


The latest version of ChatGPT released by OpenAI in December has become the fastest-growing app of all time, with its advanced AI capabilities making it a popular choice for a variety of use cases such as writing articles, job applications, school essays, and coding malware. However, the integration of ChatGPT into Bing has prompted speculation and concerns, particularly after Microsoft invested billions of dollars in OpenAI.

This Bing announcement has prompted a response from Google, which recently revealed its own conversational AI tool, Bard. Despite Google having a significant 92% share of the world’s market share, the integration of ChatGPT with Bing is seen as a threat, leading Google to host an event just a day after Microsoft’s announcement.

Whether the integration of ChatGPT with Bing will be enough to attract users away from Google remains to be seen. However, this marks the beginning of a new era in the search engine competition, with both Bing and Google vying to win over users with their advanced AI technology.

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