‘The Flash’ Trailer Shows Two Ezra Millers, Michael Keaton’s Batman and Supergirl

Barry travels back in time to change orders of events.

The Flash Trailer Shows Two Ezra Millers, Michael Keaton's Batman and Supergirl
The Flash. Image credit: DC

The highly anticipated first trailer for The Flash has finally been released, showcasing Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller) as he faces his greatest challenge yet. Despite numerous changes in the film’s direction and script, it is finally under the direction of Andy Muschietti and written by Christina Hodson. They seem to be aiming to create a landmark superhero film, combining elements from the well-known Flashpoint storyline and serving as a launching point for James Gunn and Peter Safran’s plans for the future of DC Studios. Let’s take a closer look at the trailer and highlight all of its key moments.

The opening scene of the trailer features Barry in his Flash costume, standing in front of his childhood home. A voice off-screen asks, “You can go anywhere, to another universe, so why do you want to stay and fight for this one?” Barry gives a heartfelt response, “Because this is the one where my mother lives.” He then explains the concept of time travel and the Multiverse, saying that different worlds and times are drawn to each other as if they are magnets, and that time has a pattern that it cannot help but repeat.


In the Flashpoint storyline, Barry sets out to alter the past by traveling back in time with the intention of saving his mother from the hands of his archenemy, the Reverse-Flash. It appears that he will undertake a similar mission in The Flash, but this plan is met with caution from several individuals, including the superhero Batman/Bruce Wayne (portrayed by Ben Affleck). Batman warns Barry, “If you were to go into the past, you have no idea of what the consequences could be,” and events soon unfold to prove the Dark Knight’s concerns are well-founded.


Despite his best intentions, Barry’s alterations to the past result in unintended consequences. Footage from the trailer shows him in shock as he witnesses the events of Man of Steel from a different perspective, revealing a world where General Zod (played by Michael Shannon) holds power and domination. “We’ve been waiting for you,” the General menacingly says as he steps out of his spaceship and unsheathes a blade from his armor. Barry exclaims in desperation, “I made a world with no metahumans, and there’s no one to defend us.” He even encounters an alternate version of himself, who is much more serious and determined to rectify the mistakes made. In a moment of urgency, Barry cries out, “If I can’t get back, there might not be a future!”


Even though metahumans do not exist, there are still heroes in this new timeline, namely Michael Keaton’s depiction of Batman. Keaton is seen in full Batman costume and engaging in hand-to-hand combat with intruders who break into the Batcave. He also possesses a sleek, new Batwing. He delivers a spin on his iconic line with confidence, saying “Yeah, I’m Batman.” Accompanied by a powerful reinterpretation of Danny Elfman’s Batman theme, this scene is truly epic. When Barry reaches out to this version of Batman for assistance, the Caped Crusader offers a straightforward piece of advice, “We try not to die.”


But Batman and Flash are not alone in their fight against Zod’s forces. They receive aid from a mysterious girl with superhuman strength and the ability to fly, Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle. She eventually dons her own red and blue uniform, similar to her cousin’s. In a nod to Man of Steel, Kara breaks the sonic barrier, which Barry tries to capture in a photo, excitedly exclaiming, “Our kids are gonna want to see this!” to his alternate self.


The rest of the trailer showcases some intense action scenes, including the Flash racing through the city streets with Batman in close pursuit. Whether the film will meet expectations remains to be seen, but this trailer is doing a great job in creating buzz and building excitement.

The Flash speeds into theatres on June 15, 2023.


Watch The Flash trailer below.


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