Apple Will Finally Let Users Repair Their Own iPhone

Allowing users to do their own repairs via a new online store dedicated to parts and tools.

Apple Will Finally Let Users Repair Their iPhone
Apple announces self service repair program.

Previously, Apple was quite strict regarding self-repairs. Now, the company has decided to finally let users repair and fix their own iPhone. On Wednesday, the tech giant announced that it would start selling users tools and parts that are required for repairing iPhones at home.

Apple iPhone Self service Repair

The new program is called “Self Service Repair” and will launch with parts for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. After a short while, M1 chips for Mac computers will also enter the market, giving users a lot more flexibility when it comes to self-repairing.


For now, the new program will roll out in the United States. However, throughout the coming year, Apple might expand the program to other countries, including Australia. Though, the company has added that this program is meant only for technicians who have the experience and knowledge required to repair devices.

The company advises that iPhone owners with no technical expertise should rather seek professional repair help. Previously, Apple was known as the right-to-repair villain. But now, the company has decided to depart from that policy and become more flexible.


After all, after-market repairs were already very common throughout the world. It makes sense for the tech company to officially allow it by providing the parts and tools necessary. Eventually, this is only going to add up to Apple’s profits, with the increased sale of the parts.

Apple enthusiasts are quite surprised. Where previously one could only get their iPhone repaired from official outlets, now it is a lot easier. Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams stated, “Creating greater access to Apple genuine parts gives our customers even more choice if a repair is needed.”

Apple already has some programs that sell official parts to some third-party vendors. However, the new program is different in the sense that it provides access to a greater number of tools and parts. This means that customers are more likely to get parts officially at full price.

For now, Apple has not announced prices for the iPhone or Mac parts in Australia. Details are expected to come soon.

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